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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – What is Purpose?….8
The Difference Between Purpose and Goals …..9
The Dimensions of Purpose …..11
The Pursuit of Multiple Purposes……….13
Critical Elements of Purpose ….15
Chapter 2 – Keys to Finding Your Passion …..17
Give Yourself the Opportunities18
Allow Yourself to Explore……….19
Look Closely at What You’re Doing ……20
Question Yourself ………20
Always Test Your Passion ……..21
Chapter 3 – Setting Personal Goals That Fuel Your Purpose ………..23
The Importance of Goals in Living a Purposeful Life ….24
Harnessing the Power of Setting Goals26
Chapter 4 – Being Proactive …..29
Taking Initiative.30
Prevail or Be Prevailed Upon….32
Become More Aware of Your Proactivity ……….32
Chapter 5 – Begin with the End in Mind ……….34
Living With the End in Mind ……34
Design or Default ……….36
Writing Your Own Script ………..37
Develop a Personal Mission Statement38
Chapter 6 – Leveraging Positive Visualization ………..40
Building a Foundation …40
Creative Visualization …41
Integrating Creative Visualization into Your Life ………..42
Chapter 7 – Mastering Personal Management 44
The Four Rules of Self-Management….45
The Power of a Strong and Independent Will …46
Time Management……..48
Chapter 8 – Learning to Overcome Negativity50
How to Develop Personal Resilience….52
The Brain and Resilience……….53
Chapter 9 – Leveraging Mentors and Coaches for Your Personal
Development ……55
Mentoring and Coaching Continuum….56
Key Principles of Quality Coaching and Mentoring…….57
Impact of Coaching and Mentoring…….59
Chapter 10 – Learning to Live a Balanced Life ………..60
The Physical Dimension ………..61
Spiritual Dimension…….61
The Mental Dimension..62
The Social Dimension…62
Conclusion ………64

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The Pursuit of Multiple Purposes

It isn’t that unusual for someone to have multiple life purposes. However, having many purposes can only be beneficial to a certain point, after which such purposes only serve to reduce the resource allocation.

For instance, if you pursue a single purpose, you might become discouraged if the challenges and obstacles you face become too substantial to surmount. On the other hand, if you have multiple purposes, which are independent of each other, then the moment you encounter an obstacle or face a challenge in one purpose, you automatically shift your attention and focus to the other purpose.

This shifting between life purposes can enhance your pursuit of purposeful living and might even increase your chances of obtaining positive results.

Multiple purposes, however, may result in your constantly switching from one purpose to another, which can greatly hinder your progress. For a sensible and sustainable approach, you need a manageable number of life purposes to which you can allocate the adequate resources to and focus on so that you can reap the tangible benefits.

Critical Elements of Purpose

For you to live a purposeful life, some elements are essential. You must display consistent behavior. This serves as the motivating force that will help you overcome obstacles, maintain your focus, and seek alternative means irrespective of the changing environmental conditions. People that live a purposeful life are more consistent in their behaviors in both their public and private lives.

You also must be psychologically flexible. This means that in light of changing demands, obstacles, and opportunities, your purpose enables you to be more flexible. Avoiding hardships by flexibly

managing your environment, both psychological and physical, you will be able to experience fewer problems compared to those who live without purpose.

Finally, purpose allows you to efficiently allocate the resources available to you, including the time and energy needed to pursue your purpose. Any other wasteful actions and behavior are kept at bay, and the resources they would have consumed are rerouted back to the purpose oriented activities.

These elements can also be considered necessary ingredients to live a purposeful life. Without them, it becomes near impossible to discover and reach your purpose in life.

Chapter 2 – Keys to Finding Your Passion

Most people try to justify their failures and uncertainties in life to not having enough passion in one thing or another. This causes them to be in a continuous cycle of pursuing boring and uninteresting things.

Contrary to popular belief, discovering what you love is not as challenging as it may seem. Passion is not a precious commodity that is reserved for a select few. Rather, it is a gift that everybody has been blessed with. The only thing we need to do to discover our passion is to have the right attitude. Work is supposed to be fun, so you must take the time to explore what you enjoy.

Rather than viewing yourself as hopeless because you have yet to discover your passion, begin to visualize yourself being surrounded by endless possibilities. The reality is that the only limit you have to be doing what you love is your lack of imagination. To break through from this prison of uncertainty and lack of passion, some simple and straightforward keys will lead you to discover your purpose and meaning in life.

Give Yourself the Opportunities

Giving yourself the opportunities to be passionate is often seen as an ordinary and immaterial step for finding your passion, despite its incredible significance. The reason why you aren’t pursuing what you love might be because you don’t believe you deserve to be passionate about what you do.

However, everyone has the right to be passionate about their pursuits in life. You need to wake up excited about your life because you have every right to do so. When you permit yourself to pursue what you do passionately, you will be in a much better position to help others as well.

You need to modify your mental picture if you want to resonate, accept, and love what you do. The moment you can align your identity with your passion, it will become much easier for you to find fulfillment in the things you do in life.

Allow Yourself to Explore

There exists one true passion for every one of us, and everything else is not worth the effort and focus. This creates the all or nothing mindset. Unfortunately, the danger with this perspective is that it makes you miss other opportunities in your pursuit to live passionately.

You have to understand that there is a spectrum of possibilities between your fulfillment and enjoyment in what you do. At one end of the spectrum is the work that you hate and can’t do under every circumstance. The other end of the spectrum is the work that you love, and the mere thought of it brings you excitement and energy.

Between these two points is a huge range of possibilities for work that bores you, work that makes you feel indifferent, work that challenges and stimulates you, and tasks that make you come alive with excitement.

The best thing that you can do is to move toward the direction on the spectrum that makes you come alive. As you pursue what you love, you will come across options that will lead you to your ultimate life’s purpose. The more aggressive and passionately you seek that work that excites you, the more efficient you will

become at filtering out everything else that tends to drain your energy and distracts you from your desired outcome.

One important thing to note is that you will have to grow accustomed to liking work first before you love it. Don’t spend too much of your time and energy with an attitude that dreads work because it will blind you, deplete you, and turn you away from your passion.

Look Closely at What You’re Doing

The opportunities to do what we love is right in front of us. Unfortunately, we tend to think that we can’t make a meaningful living out of what we do. When you can change your perspective, you might find the things that you’ve been looking down on are actually the most fascinating and exciting.

Question Yourself

In an attempt to figure out what they are passionate about, most people fail to ask themselves the powerful questions. You need to give yourself time and let go of other activities to allow yourself to engage with your passion.

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