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Freelance writing today is a lucrative business opportunity. As online medium has become a major source of information sharing, more and more businesses are going online. This has eventually increased the demand of content writers as any website developed for whatever purpose, must need some content in it. Also, to save costs and get focused to their primary business many people outsource content writing, bringing an opportunity for freelance writers.

Various types of freelance writing are creative writing, eBook writ-ing, sales and marketing writing, newsletter and editorial, magazine writing, SEO writing, web blog writing and many more which we will discuss in later chapters.

HOW TO BUILD a successful freelance writing career?

Although, for writers to break into the freelance market, there are many opportunities but it requires skills and correct strategy to achieve success. Let’s find out some smarter ways to success in different phases of your freelancing career.

1. Start-up Phase

Evaluate your skills and interests: It is imperative to evaluate your own self before offering your services to the market. Freelancing is flexible and you can choose jobs that suit your interest, education, skills and background. Preliminary search: Actively search online for freelance jobs available and get your self registered with various good freelance writing sites on the internet. Introduce your services to prospects: A well designed “Bio-sheet’, is a best resource to offer yourself to the prospective client. It is a document similar to a resume carrying a brief description of your education, skills, experiences and interests.

2. Growth Phase

Beware of the single-client trap: As freelance work is job based and generally no contracts are signed, it is crucial to work for a number of clients rather than stick to a single client, but ethically, you must avoid giving services to clients who might be each others close competitors. Improve your writing skills: In order to retain your jobs it is essential to keep improving your writing skills. In later chapters we will discuss in detail how can you improve your writing skills and be persistent.

Take criticism positively: Take criticism and comments from your clients as guidelines for future success and never get discouraged on rejections.

3. Maturity Phase

Be consistent: Consistency is crucial for long term existence. It is generally observed that freelancing is considered as a source of second income and people take it very casually and get bored too quickly.

Stay in touch with old clients: Relationship building is considered as a key to success as market is flooded with masses of freelance writers from all over the globe.

HENCE FREELANCE WRITING is an open platform for anyone anywhere in the world, but long term persistence is not every ones cup of tea. One should take it is a passion and it requires skills and intense hard work to get success.

Today Freelance writing is getting popular around the globe as the field is not only very flexible but also very vast and can absorb people from all areas of life and this is why it is often regarded as one of the most popular forms of self employment. Based on his skills, interests and creativity, a freelance writer can opt from a wide variety of job categories available under the umbrella of freelance writing. This text is dedicated to identify the various types of jobs available to freelance writers.


Freelance writing has two forms, print (magazines and newspa-pers) and web content (web based). There are a number of ways through which a freelance writer can earn a steady source of income. You can work as research writers, essay writers, story and drama writ-ers, copy writers, bloggers, eBook writers, magazine writers, cata-logue material writers, content writers, advertising copy writers, corporate copy writers, grant writing (for nonprofit organizations), essay writers, resume writers are just to name a few. However, all these above listed freelance writing jobs may fit in one way or another under any of the below mentioned broad categories.

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