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Frank: So, anyway what’s going on, how are you doing? This is Frank Salinas and we’re having a super
secret if you tell anybody I’ll kill you phone call Skype recording with John Cornetta.  lol I’m going to
edit this out, but how you are doing?

John: Good. How are you doing?

Frank: Good. I just wanted to give you a call and see if you could share some of your secrets. I keep on
having subscribers asking me what they can do to build their lists quicker and start making money right
out of the gate quicker and shortcut their success so to speak. I wanted to speak to you about what they
can do to do just that.

John: I was going to ask you some stuff too. I’ve got a lot of people asking me and maybe you can add
some stuff to what I’m doing.

Some of the stuff that I did in the beginning, especially to break into the scene, that I don’t think people
use enough are the viral list builders, which you know a lot about. It was how I was using them that I
think was really effective. There’s two main scripts out there. I think you wrote one of them, right?
Frank: Yes. I had one out there on the market. I don’t sell it anymore, but yes, there’s about 20 or 30
sites that are alive and active that are using the script that I had customized. Then there’s another one
using the Butterfly Marketing script and that has some modifications done by Brett Ingram.

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