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{Sometimes I wonder what they think, the autistic kids. All alone and lonely, all locked up in a world of their own, never able to communicate like the rest of us, or be communicated with. It has got to be a horrible life. I really do admire the courage that those kids need to have to be able to live the way that they do, and I would never love for that to happen to anyone that I know, friend or foe. But if it does happen, it’s not the end of the world.|I cannot even begin to wonder what challenge the parents of autistic kids have to deal with all the time. Half the time they are trying to communicate to their children, and the time they are trying to understand what their children are trying to communicate to them, and the third half… well, the third half of the time they are trying to catch some rest, still wondering if they did right by the ways they brought up their children. Autism really is a curse, and one that mankind can do well without.|Autism is a disorder like none other you know. Even crazy people, you can tell what is wrong with them. And when they wants something, you can get it for them. Not so when you are dealing with autism. You cannot tell what the child wants; you cannot even see that the child wants anything. They are just by themselves in their own little world, and all you can do is guess and second guess.}

{Autism affects social, emotional, and behavioral development in kids. You can see the sufferer staring into space muttering words that are incoherent but to them the words make some sense. It doesn’t quite go down as brain dead or brain damage; just somewhere in between.|People who suffer from autism have serious difficulties interacting with others and making any sense in communicating with them. You cannot even tell a lot of the time if you are watching them, that they are trying to say anything in particular. Only that they are there. I wouldn’t know what to do in such a situation at all, but there are experts who devote their lives to just such. If you have a child suffering from autism, all hope is not lost yet.|There are a lot of symptoms that you can attribute to autism, and I mean besides the staring into space and the inability to communicate. You are likely to find an autistic child constantly repeating certain actions or behaviors, such as rocking gently or gesticulating in a general direction. Without special training, you’d never be able to even guess what that was all about. That is why I readily doff my hat off for a parent who has to live with that every day of their lives.}

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