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Table of Contents

Introduction . 4
Complete Market Domination … 6
Siphon Credibility From Authority Figures . 9
Trade Content For Credibility . 10
Create Your Own Product Line …. 11
Brand Yourself 13
Link Your Offers To Established Products 15
Build A Membership Site … 17
Final Tips … 19

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Complete Market Domination

Building a brand and becoming a leader in your market isn’t nearly as difficult as you may think, but it involves a very strict focus. Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, you need to begin with one market at a time. You then work towards complete market domination by saturating the market with YOUR brand. To do this, you will need to first choose your niche. Consider this carefully because when you tie your brand to one topic or market, you will forever be linked as an authority in that specific field. Consider:

· What are you experienced with?

· What are you most interested in?

· What do you feel you can offer that’s unique and valuable?

· What do you want to be known for?

Once you have chosen your niche, it’s time to begin a full market assault. You will need to set up a website, squeeze page and social media accounts to begin weaving your brand message throughout your industry. While this can take a bit of time, once you have the brand-building tools in place, it will be easy to replicate for other niche markets.

Your website is key to building your brand and authority. You can set it up a number of different ways, including by using WordPress as the foundation for your entire network. Just make sure that you optimize it based on your audience, and offer high quality content, tools and resources.

Here’s our top recommended resource for help in building a full featured WordPress blog >> Part of building authority in your market requires going above and beyond what other marketers in your field are doing. You want to stand out and offer your audience genuinely helpful information and tools that showcase your commitment to providing value. Regardless of the niche market you are involved in, your brand begins with offering tremendous value. You will quickly become the “go to” person in your market if you give more than your competitor’s give, and you are transparent with your intentions to help your audience, nurture relationships with your customers, and provide exceptional value throughout every campaign, beginning with your website.

When adding content to your website, consider outsourcing to professionals so that you’re able to deliver the best quality material possible.

Consider creating “pillar content” within your authority-building campaigns. Pillar content forms the foundation for your website and is considered your very best material. Pillar content is usually in the form of tutorials, step-by-step lessons, guides and “how to” based products and offers long-term appeal.

You should accompany this with downloadable material where visitor’s can opt into your mailing list in order to receive free products and information. Always be on the lookout for ways to build authority by developing your very own mailing list!

Just keep in mind that the quality of your content is the driving force behind being able to create a brand recognized for value and authority.

Your objective is to become an expert in your market, and so everything you do needs to emphasis your ability to deliver solid, high quality content.

Siphon Credibility From Authority Figures

One of the easiest ways of building authority in your market is to siphon credibility from established leaders.

They have already done the hard work in building relationships with their peers and customers, and in solidifying their place in your niche, so by associating yourself to them, you can siphon instant authority that will go towards building your own brand!

You can begin by targeting 5-10 leaders in your market, paying close attention to any outlet in which you can become visibly active.

For example, one easy way of siphoning credibility is to begin communicating with their audience through forums, websites and blogs. Leave valuable feedback including tips that will help their visitors, and through direct association and by providing value, you’ll be able to garner attention instantly!

Another powerful technique is to interview the experts, and then offer this as a unique product on your own website!

By interviewing experts, not only are you able to develop a unique, high quality product absolutely free (and very quickly), but you are able to associate yourself with the authority in your market!

People love interviews, because it gives them insight into how an authority thinks, what they’ve done to be successful and what your audience can do to achieve the same success.

Trade Content For Credibility

Another easy way of building authority in your market by borrowing credibility by association is to become a guest blogger. You can submit quality content that features your website links for distribution amongst authority blogs and websites.

Marketers and authority figures are always on the lookout for quality content that they can publish on their website. Their objective is to cater to their audience, while minimizing their workload and so by offering to guest write on their site, you both win!

You can also submit your content into content syndication networks and outlets that will circulate your articles throughout some of the leading websites and communities in your niche market. Run a quick search for content syndication channels in your niche, and then begin contacting all of the top leaders. Make sure that you have at least 2-3 high quality, full length articles to submit and that they are 100% unique.

Authority blogs and websites do not want to post rehashed content or material that can be found anywhere else, so you need to be sure that your content provides exceptional value!

Create Your Own Product Line

You can also piggyback off of the success of authorities in your market by creating auxiliary products and special offers around THEIR products.

For example, choose 2-3 leaders in your field and identify what it is that they are offering their customers. Analyze their websites and products and then create your very own special offer around their main product.

Do NOT copy their product, but instead, create an offer that ties into their brand, and offers additional value to customers. Then, give it away on your website! Not only will you be able to generate traffic quickly, but you can offer the download through the back-end of your mailing list, so you can build a massive list of your own!

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