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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Learn From Life
Chapter 2:
Commanding Your Thoughts
Chapter 3:
How You View Things
Chapter 4:
Change For Command
Chapter 5:
Claiming Success

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Chapter 2: Commanding Your Thoughts


The fact is, whatever you envision in your mind – good or bad – if you trust it, it will turn to reality. That means that if you believe and fret about something, then your own centered effort gives rise to the very things you dread and fret about and the other way around!

How To

All right, then how may I command my thoughts?

Take time to put down everything you wish or dream about having.
Identify in words the individual you wish to become.
Accumulate pictures of things that invigorate you.
Collect music that uplifts you.
Study all the books you are able to get.
Create cards to affix to your mirror.
Carry affirmations in your purse or wallet.
Place them on your dash
And so forth.
Put differently surround yourself with reminders of favorable things that urge you on to accomplish something!

If you don’t understand where you’re going; then how do you know when you arrive there? By making the effort to really move toward your goals, you’ll be astonished just how many things will happen. The cosmos wants you to win. Remember Seek and you’ll find, ask and it will shall given to you, knock and the door will be opened up. By acquiring a belief that “Yes I CAN do it”, you’ll discover that the negatives will be substituted with the positives and a fresh strength will develop inside you that will help you defeat the peaks and troughs of your journey to success!

Remember, you’re not unique or “different” for desiring to be positive. As a matter of fact you’re being truer to the real potential that’s embedded in you.

So begin to trust in your own power to succeed and you’ll find that doorways will open for you.

To a few individuals, success is founded on luck, an opportunity or throw of the dice, a random notion of fate. But actually, luck has nothing to do with it.

Sure there are occasions when success might be affected to some degree by “luck” but it can’t be stated that “luck” is an accident. It’s really possible to command, even to forecast “luck” by hard work and centering on particular “luck” rules. Such rules as:

Understand clearly what you wish – if you don’t understand where you’re going, how do you know when you arrive there?

Find a plan of action – and really put that plan to work!

Perpetually remind yourself of your goals – envision – accumulate pictures of that dream auto, visit the salesroom, sit in the auto, smell the leather seating, feel the flowing metallic bodywork, take it for a test drive, recognize precisely what it feels like so that you are able to emotionize that goal (naturally, the same goes for any sort of goal)

Begin to act as if you already have accomplished the goal – if you wish to be a millionaire then act like a millionaire, dress cleverly, be positive, go to the places that millionaires go to.

Believe in your own intuition – You know, if you’d only hear your self, what you ought to be doing in every situation, you are able to come up with all the answers you require. Learn to calm the mind and acquire your natural “insight”.

Make a conclusion, make it your own, make it work, and die by it – put differently, make certain it’s what YOU wish, not what other people tell you ought to want, and do whatever it takes.

Quit complaining when matters are not going the way you believe they ought to – rather, examine the likely outcome of your actions, occasionally a couple of backwards steps might be essential.

Remain generous with your time and income – sow before you harvest, give without anticipating a return.

Remain patient – As they state “Rome wasn’t constructed in a day” – occasionally matters take a lot longer than you envisaged – Stick with it.

Hold on – The bigger the results you wish; the keener and more sustained the attempt.

Relinquish the outcome – quit straining, let things happen in their own mystical way. If you provide the energy and direction, the result will take care of itself.

Bear the bravery and strong belief to propel yourself toward your goals.

Train the correct attitude – If you’ve the correct attitude, then one-half the fight is already won!

Condition yourself to accomplish tasks every day – This is possibly the most crucial precept. It’s no use thinking about reaching any goal without first acquiring the discipline to carry things through.

Success and happiness are not chance events. If you master the precepts that influence “fate” you will step-up the chance that you’ll be in the correct place at the correct time to achieve the things that are most significant to you.

Chapter 3: How You View Things


There’s an old song that goes something like, “I didn’t have no luck till I had bad luck.” I used to really like that song. I’d nod my head, and yell “have mercy” every time I’d hear it. That’s me, they understand it’s so, I’d think. Then I’d joke. Pitiful me. Tough luck all around.

That was then, in the adolescence of my brain and my opinion of reality. Nowadays I believe I’d rather sing, “I didn’t have any luck till I looked at it differently.”


Perception – how we view things – great things, foul things – good fortune, no fortune – is truly what shapes the way we shape the world, I believe. It took me a gang of years to figure that one out. Most of my life I believed that if I believed it, it had to be so.

Well, in actuality, that’s the truth. “You are what you believe.” Mystics and philosophers and educated masters have been advising this for centuries. So my trusting that thoughts were firm bits of truth, as opposed to a changing energy pattern that might or not be based on truth, kept me in bonds. What dodged me was this: you are able to alter your mind, consequently your perception, and I – not conditions or any other individual – get to pick what those ideas are. That one thought has revolutionized my life. In the adoption of it, I switched from dupe to chooser.

Someone once stated, you can’t think 2 thoughts at the same time. How utterly, enormously beautiful. When I heard it, I panted. The brilliance of simplicity. It never fails. You can’t think 2 thoughts at the same time. Just attempt it. The proof takes about a nano-second of attempt.

So when I attempted it, I was geared up for the following step, my fresh notion of luck: at last, I understood that luck is truly how you view matters. Don’t like what’s in front of you? View it a different way. If you don’t like what you believe – you’re the only one believing it – then alter it. Just alter your mind.

You simply have to see it. Call it seeing possible action, call it seeing the unobserved. However you wish to put it, I trust that luck – the confluence of conditions and preparedness – is already there. But there’s not a probability in hell I’ll see it if I believe that it’s not – or not for me.

I enjoy the word possibility. It’s kind of like hope. Both connote that something is already there. It’s conceivable. In forming, maybe, but already started, the seedlings of truth just waiting for somebody to foster, feed and care take its development and unfolding. Who we are,” pens a famous author, “has a lot of faces, However these faces are not who we are.”

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