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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: The Basics On Attraction

Chapter 2: Know Who You Want To Attract

Chapter 3: Getting Out And Meeting People

Chapter 4: Learn To Be Interesting

Chapter 5: Develop A Personal Style

Chapter 6: Learn How To Flirt

Chapter 7: Develop Your Self Confidence

Chapter 8: Be A Good Listener

Chapter 9: Learn How To Be Attentive

Chapter 10: When Attraction Turns To Obsession

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When it comes to learning the basics on attraction, you need to look for certain signs in order to know if someone is interested in you or not. They may flirt with you often or laugh many times at your jokes, but this does not necessarily mean they are interested in you. It may just be a part of their personality and how they act but you won’t know this unless you’ve known them for a few years.

Attracting the opposite sex is fairly easy to do if you are someone who responds well to emotions, touch, and body language. If you have talent for picking up certain signs or hints people give off – you’ll have no problem with identifying a potential mate who is interested in you. Get all the info you need here.

Attraction Artist

A Guide To Attracting The Opposite Sex

Chapter 1: The Basics On Attraction


There are four main elements of basic attraction we’ll need to focus on first. Attraction begins with sexual appeal and is one of the strongest ties when it comes to being attracted to someone. How many posters did you have of celebrity males you had practically fallen in love with on your room wall? Let’s just say it’s one too many. The Basics

At this time, you did not know the importance of personality which is another element when it comes to attraction. The way the person acts around you will give off a certain vibe or feel, making you a happier person when around them. If you feel nervous and not so sure of yourself, it’s a good sign you have not known them for that long. Not to worry, there are a few things you can do to change this.

The third law of attraction has to do with desire. Why do you want to be with this person in the first place? Do they make you feel special or are you just trying to get ahead in life with your personal image?

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