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Table Of Contents

Article Marketing 101 1
Introduction 3
Chapter One 4
E-Commerce Today and the Expert Use of Article Marketing 4
Making Article Marketing Work for You 5
The Up Side of Article Marketing 6
The Downs of Article Marketing 7
How Articles Can Be Done By You 8
Chapter 2 11
The How To Guide to Writing Expert Articles 11
The Principle of Your Articles in E-Commerce 11
Creating a Successful Article 12
How Many Words Should I Use? 13
Types of Articles You Can Write 14
Tips for Writing Articles 15
The Types of Article Mistakes You Want to Avoid 17
Offering Free Reprint Rights-Why Would I Do That? 18
Submitting Your Articles 19
Finding the Most Popular Sites to Submit Your Articles to 20
Free Reports for Viral Marketing 21
Chapter Three22
Getting the Most Exposure Out of Your Articles 22
Using Blogs 22
How to Get an Edge with Forums in Article Marketing 23
Keeping an Eye Out for E-zine Publishers 24
Other Article Distribution Strategies 25
Making the Most Profit 26
Selling Your Private Label Rights 27
Short Reports for Bonuses 28
Other Profit Centers 29

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The use of articles as a marketing tool has expanded greatly over the past decade. It has turned into a multi million dollar industry that has many Americans writing articles for websites while they sit in the comfort of their own home. The business is expanding throughout the world and will continue in growth as long as the Internet is still around.

Throughout this book, we will touch on many of the aspects of article marketing and why it is so popular in our world today. It has been an effective way to promote business for years because of its material depth and importance. It adds knowledge of the website and material to the page, and enlightens the reader on the purpose of the company. It’s a great way to relay useful information to the reader and intrigue them to find out more about the company. Needless to say, this article must be worth while. No one wants to read something that is not interesting and informative. The articles need to be well written and full of the information that the reader needs. The articles must be on topic and to the point or you may lose the interest of a potential customer.

Article marketing is the most effective way to promote a business. The best thing about it is that it costs much less than other types of advertisements. This industry has been going strong for many years and shows no signs of slowing down.

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