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Internet Advertising – A Brief History Over Time

As the internet evolves, so does the way advertising is performed online. In the earlier days it used to be so primitive – you could buy banner space on any given website that offered advertising. One of the key points in this evolution was the introduction of the Adsense model by Google – it’s loved by some, but hated by many due to the insipid returns Google makes available to publishers.

Still, Google’s unquestionable brand strength is such that it offered a huge ad inventory for publishers – so site owners in the most obscure niche could display highly targeted ads and have a chance of monetizing their site (if only with a few pennies per click).

Clearly though, there were to be more developments.

The evolution gained serious momentum with the increasing popularity of pay per lead. This really was (and is) a great concept for website owners and content publishers. They sign up to a PPL program and display a banner (for example) on their site. So a mortgage website would display a banner offered by a mortgage company that may say something like – Lower your mortgage payments by 20% or whatever. If the website owner clicks onto that banner and proceeds to request a free quote, the website owner gets paid. In the mortgage industry, these pay per lead amounts are sizzling – as much as $70 per lead in fact (given that it’s a hugely competitive niche).

Pay per lead is great for some industries such as finance because some cash-rich companies offer staggering returns for leads generated (over and beyond $50 to $100 per lead – and that’s without the website visitor having to buy a thing or parlay a penny.

Now, a brand new internet advertising concept known as “Pay Per Play” is about to be launched and it threatens to be every part as big as Adsense, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale – and it offers HUGE benefits to website owners as you’re about to find out. In fact, it perfectly merges the needs of advertising giants and website/content publishers who want more than a few pennies per click for the valuable traffic they provide.

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