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{First, who says arthritis must be a death sentence for you when countless people have survived and are still surviving it?|First of all, I agree that arthritis can be a very chronic and painful disease, but you can minimize the pains by engaging in the right actions and taking the right medications.|To begin with, the word “arthritis” derives its meaning from “arth” which means “joint” and “itis” which means “inflammation”; so when you put them together you have “joint inflammation”.|To start with, note that there are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis, but what’s also important is that they are all involve the inflammation of the joints or the tissues that surround the joints.|First and foremost, despite the many types of arthritis, the 4 most common types are – Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Juvenile arthritis and Cervical arthritis.|First things first, when you start experiencing any kind of chronic neck pain, numbness in your arms, hands and neck, weakness in your muscles, headaches as well as a kind of loss of balance, it could be one type of arthritis or another.|Before anything else, when your child who is less than 16 years starts complaining about certain pains in his or her joints and the areas around the joints, it could be juvenile arthritis… yes, arthritis can happen to children too!|Before everything else, as many as the different types of arthritis are, so are there many different medications currently being used to treat the different inflammation, stiffness and pain that come with the condition.|Among the first things to note is this — it could take a while to find the precise arthritis pain relief medication that will work for you… but it’s worth searching, isn’t it?|In the first place, some of the most commonly used medications for arthritis include the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (abbreviated as NSAIDS); they are used in the treatment of the inflammation, pains and fever caused by the condition.}

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