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Contents … 2
Introduction ………. 4
The Evolution of Your Anti Aging Plans ….. 5
Anti Aging in Your Teens … 6
Anti Aging in Your 20s ……. 7
Anti Aging in Your 30s ……. 8
Anti Aging in Your 40s ……. 8
Anti Aging in Your 50s and Beyond ……….. 9
Analyzing Your Anti Aging Needs 11
Get Your Doctor to Conduct a Complete Health Panel … 11
How Do Your Looks Stack Up to Previous Years? 12
What Physical Feelings Are Causing You to Feel Older? .. 13
Is Your Mental Well-Being Putting You in Jeopardy? …… 14
Adopt a Good Beauty and Skincare Regimen …… 23
Wear Clothes That Are Age Appropriate . 23
Wear a Hairstyle That Suits Your Age ….. 24
Update Your Makeup to Reflect Your Years …….. 26
Assume a Skincare Regimen Meant for Your Age Group 27
Watching Your Weight as You Grow Older ………. 29
The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Weight as We Age …. 30
How to Increase Your Metabolism as You Age … 30
Avoiding the Traps of Weight Gain as You Age … 31
Conclusion ………. 33

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Anti Aging in Your 20s

In our twenties, we start to recognize that time marches on. In our early twenties, we’re still enjoying some of the teenaged perks we had before – but later in our twenties, we start to realize that our skin is changing, our bodies are evolving – and we’re suddenly alert to those differences.

This is when you should really try to kick those awful habits you adopted in your late teens, early 20s – like smoking because you thought it would look cool, but you now realize only hurts your health (and beauty).

In your twenties, you might start seeing changes in your skin from your teen years. If you’re working in your career, you also might start realizing you can’t keep up with the teen and early 20s crowd like you once did – partying until 3 AM and up at 5 to go to work.

This is the decade when you wake up and start feeling – both physically and mentally – like you’re not a kid anymore. It’s time to start preparing for your adult years with internal and external solutions.

Anti Aging in Your 30s

The thirties are when men and women alike sound off alarm bells in their heads about the aging process. The first real signs of aging begin to show up – your first gray hair, your first fine line around the eyes.

It’s enough to send a panic through your body.

If you’re a parent, then chances are you’re feeling exhausted – whether it’s because you’re chasing toddlers around or because your body is aging faster than it should be.

This is the decade where you need to take back control. You’re still young enough to be filled to the brim with energy if you approach it right – but you’re old enough to understand that you can’t stop time, so the self-care is imperative for you.

Anti Aging in Your 40s

When you reach your 40th birthday, you’re officially known as being “over the hill.”

Everything is downhill from this point on – unless it’s not! You’re the only one who can determine that.

It’s at this age that the signs of aging truly show up in some way, shape or form. It might be crow’s feet or sagging skin that you can’t seem to battle any more. Sometimes it’s weight gain and depression.

The key to fighting back against the aging process in your 40s is to adopt a regimen that suits your age.

You can’t try to be more youthful by using products and strategies meant for a 20-something but you can certainly take effective steps to delay the visible and hidden effects of aging.

Anti Aging in Your 50s and Beyond

For those who get past their ‘over the hill’ stage and embrace the aging process, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect your body or mind – it simply means you age gracefully with beauty and poise, nurturing your skin, your physical health and your mental well being the way a mother cares for her child.

It’s never too late to turn back the clock. Whether you’re 55 or 85, there are ways you can slow down the aging process, even reversing it in some instances.

While there’s no magical fountain of youth you can jump into – there are smart, strategic steps you can take to nourish your mind and body through these years in a way that brings happiness to you.

We’re going to look at an internal and external plan of attack for battling the aging process. From the foods you eat to the way you handle stress and anxiety – everything you do can have an impact on how old you look and feel.

Analyzing Your Anti Aging Needs

Before you can start treating your body with the care it deserves and craves, you have to know where it stands. Most people looking into anti aging are already seeing or feeling symptoms of growing older – because that’s when we tend to take action.

In order to get a complete picture of what needs to be done, you should get a snapshot of what’s happening internally and externally.

Get Your Doctor to Conduct a Complete Health Panel

Sometimes a simple tweak of your vitamins and minerals or other health inputs can help you turn back the clock and regain some of your youthful energy and beauty.

At your next checkup, or even before, ask for a full health panel that shows any deficiencies in things like:

Estrogen or Testosterone

Vitamin D

B vitamins…etc.

You want to know what your other readings are for cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose. Knowing what diseases or risks you’re at right now will help you address them so that you feel better on a regular basis from now on.

Something as simple as a vitamin D deficiency, which is very prevalent in today’s world, can cause a great deal of fatigue. You can also experience more instances of colds and flu, weakness in your muscles, depression, cancer and more.

When you get your results back, it’s important that you study the range of normal. If a stat says that normal falls between 300-900, and your number is right at 300, then you might want to boost it with a supplement.

You want to recheck your health stats over time to see how things are progressing. Take note of how you look and feel as your deficiencies are cured through supplements – has it made things better?

How Do Your Looks Stack Up to Previous Years?

You have to take a cold, hard look in the mirror and be honest with yourself about how your body has held up (or not). It’s okay to be concerned about beauty – not everything has to be health related.

Looking good helps us to feel good about ourselves, and that’s important to our state of mind, which will subsequently affect our physical well being. It doesn’t mean you have to go to extremes – it just means you can start making an effort to reverse the damage that’s been done from the aging process.

Make notes to yourself about how you look now compared to ten or fifteen years ago.

Has your hair started to turn gray?

Do you see age spots on your face or hands?

Are fine lines (or deep wrinkles) showing up around your eyes and/or mouth?

Is your skin sagging on your body?

Has it been a while since you shopped for new clothes, got an updated haircut or started doing your makeup differently?

Have you started gaining weight and it’s not as easy to get rid of it?

These are all signs of aging that have to do with your beauty and self confidence. Be honest with yourself and that way, you can make a plan to fix whatever is bothering you over the coming months and years.

What Physical Feelings Are Causing You to Feel Older?

Physically, you might start to show signs of aging, too. This is different from your physical appearance because it can impede your mobility and make daily life torturous.

When you start thinking about physical wear and tear, don’t bother trying to put a label of “normal” on a physical feeling that you have. These signs of aging can be reversible, so you want to take all conditions and address them as if they are temporary.

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