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Introduction – What You’re About to Learn

This is a simple system that can be set up in a short amount of time (think a day or two) and has proven itself time and time again to finance some of the biggest affiliate marketers out there.

I could easily share with you names of big, middle and low level earners who all use this system … but when you read this I think you‟ll start to see it every where you look.

So why then pay for a guide that shows you what‟s already out there? Simple … it‟s a bit like choosing the red or the blue pill.

One leaves you endlessly chasing instant riches (like hoping to find gold at the end of a rainbow) whilst the other shares with the reality of life online … and what really works and will actually pay you for your time.

If you‟re determined to “make it” then you need to know all of this.

The biggest thing to take away from this report is that you‟re going to be doing „What works‟. There is no guess work … no gimmicks and no magic tricks.
It works and you really just need to do it.

I was tempted to make this report a sexy beast … play with formatting and add some seriously tacky (but very interesting) copydoodles. Splashes of red and yellow – you know – make it jump out at you.

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