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Table of Contents

PG 03: Introduction: What do All These Terms Mean?
PG 03: Resell vs. Resale Rights
PG 04: Resell Rights
PG 04: Master Resell rights
PG 05: Private Label Rights
PG 06: Nontransferable Rights
PG 07: Personal-Use Rights
PG 07: Unrestricted Rights
PG 07: Rebranding Rights
PG 08: Give Away Rights
PG 08: Reprint Rights
PG 09: Royalty Rights
PG 09: Foreign Language Rights
PG 10: Conclusion

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Introduction: What do All These Terms Mean?

If you’ve ever tried to sort through the world of resell rights, you probably noticed there are nearly a dozen terms bandied about as if everyone knows what they mean. Problem is, plenty of people don’t know what they mean – and that includes some of the marketers who are selling rights to their products!

That’s why I created this report. Over the next few pages we’ll dissect the most common terms associated with resell rights. And the next time you purchase rights, you can be confident since you know what you’re buying.

But one word of warning…

A moment ago I mentioned that sometimes even the marketers selling the rights don’t understand the terms they’re using. That means that you need to ALWAYS read your rights license so you understand how your product can or cannot be used.

Even if you know the definition of a term, the marketer selling you the rights might not – and so the license may list terms startlingly different from what you expected. When in doubt, ask the original product creator directly, and get it in writing so there aren’t any misunderstandings.

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