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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction .4
Who is This Book For? 5
Chapter 2: The Impact Of Your Lifestyle: Incredible Examples of Celebrities That Have Aged
Amazingly (And How You Can Steal Their Secrets) …………..7
How to Tap Into the Secrets of the Celebrities for Youthful Looks and Vigor …..9
Chapter 3: Why it’s Never Too Late to be What You Always Wanted to Be ………12
How Our Goals and Expectations Change as We Age ….13
The Practical, Tactical Advantages of Getting Older ……13
Examples of Ways You Can Still Achieve Amazing Things …………….14
Chapter 4: How to Look Younger Than You Are …………….16
Top Tips for Looking Younger When You’re Older ………17
Skin Products for Reversing Aging…………….17
Makeup: How Women Can Use Makeup to Look Younger and Work Their Current Age …18
How to Work the Cougar/Milf Look ………20
Grooming 20
Hair Color 21
Hairstyle …………….22
Some Final Tips for Looking Younger Quickly …………….23
Chapter 5: How to Look Younger for Longer …27
The Number One Strategy for Slowing Aging: Antioxidants …………27
Ionized Water for Profound Anti-Aging Effects ……….28
The Master Antioxidant: Glutathione ……29
Protection ……………..30
Skin Care and Diet ….31
Chapter 6: Staying Fit and Healthy As You Age ……………..33
Overcoming the Challenges of Staying Fit As You Age ..34
Mobility, Energy and Health at Any Age ……36
Chapter 7: Your Brain – Keeping Your Mind Sharp as You Age ………..38
The Most Important Way to Keep Your Brain Young and Healthy in Older Age ……………..42
Chapter 8: The Future: Has the First Person to Live Forever Already Been Born? ……………..45
Why It Might be Possible ………..46
Popular Life Extension Techniques …………..46
Imagine This Scenario… ……………..47

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you will learn the secret to aging gracefully whether you’re a man or a woman and no matter what life throws your way.

You’ll see that your body can and should last you your entire life – that aches, pains and damaged skin are not inevitable. And you’ll learn to keep on thriving until your last days on this Earth.

Who is This Book For?

Before we go further, there is one important point I’d like to make: this training is for everyone.

If you are already making your way into your twilight years then you may be under the impression that it is ‘too late’ for you in some way. You may think that now that your arthritis and wrinkles have set in, that it’s too late to reverse the damage.

Not true! As you will see, there are many techniques and strategies that you can use to reverse damage to your cells, your brain and your joints and many of these can make a profound difference in a short amount of time.

And perhaps you’re in the other camp. Maybe you think you’re too young to worry about how you’re going to look in the future. Maybe you think that you’re somehow impervious to aging… maybe you haven’t thought about it at all!

But if you’re over 25, the reality is that your body has already begun to decline. It has already begun to deteriorate. Every day that passes that you ignore this stuff, you are ensuring you will look older, feel worse and shorten your lifespan.

So, it’s absolutely essential that you start to look after your health as soon as possible. All of these tips are going to help you look and feel better immediately and they are going to protect you against changes that you might otherwise see in as little as a year. That is to say that this will benefit you immediately and in the future.

Ultimately though, for the younger readers this is going to come down to how much foresight you have. How well you’re able to look into the future and to plan for that, rather than doing what pleases you right now.

But before you make up your mind on whether this is something you should spend your time on, I want you to imagine a day in the future. This day might occur in a few years from now or a few decades.

But at some point, you are likely to get a call from your old school/college inviting you to a reunion. You can now turn up at that event and look fantastic. If you’re single, then you’ll have the pick of all the hottest men/women of your childhood. If you’re not, you can flaunt your success and just how incredible you look.

OR you can ignore the advice in this training and live life for the moment. You can turn up to that same event and be the one who just looks tired. You can be the one who your old friends whisper about behind your back: they’ll say ‘boy, that guy/lady has really let themselves go’.

Think ahead.

Chapter 2: The Impact Of Your Lifestyle: Incredible Examples of Celebrities That Have Aged Amazingly (And How You Can Steal Their Secrets)

So, you’ve seen first-hand among your friends and even people on TV just how lifestyle can impact on the way you age. But this goes deeper than you might expect. These things can make a huge amount of difference that goes well beyond the surface. For proof, just consider some of the people you know who are in their 40s, their 50s and their 60s.

Now take note of just how different they are. Some people in their 40s can easily pass for being in their 30s – early 30s even. This isn’t just about their looks (although that’s a big part of it), it’s also about their attitude, their energy and their lust for life.

But other people in their 40s appear to be hagered, worn down, tired and old. You know the sorts: usually they’re covered in sun spots, have 10 children and are perpetually seen with a fag hanging out their mouth.

I want you to look up a guy called Aaron Marino, also known as ‘Alpha’. He runs a style and grooming YouTube channel where he talks about things like skin care, the best clothes to wear during X season and tips for picking up women/making money.

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