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Table Of Contents

Legal Notice
Some Important Basics
Your paying to send people WHERE?
Affiliate Link Hi-Jacking – the TRUTH.
Unless you meet the right critera…
Lead in pages? What next?
List Building and emailing your list… even if you suck at writing!
A quick Summary and some extra tips before I show you the big ‘Secret Weapon’
S.I.A.Y.O. – The Basics
S.I.A.Y.O. – The Templates and how to use them
S.I.A.Y.O. – The Templates for Method Two
Some final Notes
Recommended Resources

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Do we need another course or product about selling products through affiliate programs?
I almost didn’t write this. But then I realized how many tips and tricks I have to share that don’t seem to appear in other courses on the subject.

There are also LOADS of great ideas that people overlook because they’ve been written in courses that were either free or came with free reprint rights, so they bought the book and just tried to resell it without reading the information and trying it for themselves.

So here’s a great free tip for you: All those ebooks you’ve downloaded for free or that have come bundled with a package you bought – have you REALLY looked through them?

Don’t get me wrong here, a lot of those free books are junk, just a bunch of links to other products, etc. But at the same time there are some real gems out there. I’m going to include a few with this report that I’ve read and have found some great information in. I am not saying that every work is awesome – but that they are worth going through to pick out ideas to try for yourself.

I’m going to avoid repeating too much that’s already out there, but at the same time some of the basics have to be explained just so that this course can work for you.

The best trick in this report and why dozens of you could miss the point

The best ‘trick’ I have found for promoting products that aren’t over-exposed gets explained in this course. But that comes towards the end of the report. BUT DO NOT JUMP AHEAD!

Too many people skip through reports like this one all too fast and miss the key points that lead up to ‘the big secret’ or ‘the master tip’. If you skip over the basics, the best part of this report will make no sense to you, then you won’t apply it, and you’ve just thrown a huge profit opportunity away.

I know that people do this, because when I made ‘Internet Profits The Quickway’ available, I had numerous people buy it and then email me asking ‘how can I promote xyz’. Or ‘what should I do first?’ If they had REALLY read the report they’d know.

OK. Let’s get started…

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