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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction……4
Chapter 2: Affiliate Marketing Explained… 7
Advantages of Becoming an Affiliate Marketer…..9
Shortcomings to Overcome. 9
Chapter 3: The Nitty Gritty: How to Sell as an Affiliate..11
Where to Get Links. 13
Chapter 4: Creating a Website to Sell From…15
Finding Hosting.15
Chapter 5: Your Sales Page….17
Standing Out.. 20
Chapter 6: The Go-To Market/Advertising Strategy. 21
Finding a Route to Market……. 22
Promoting Via Social Media…..22
Driving Sales With PPC……23
Chapter 7: Finding the Perfect Niche 25
Finding the Perfect Niche…..26
More Considerations When Choosing Your Niche….27
Chapter 8: Becoming a Thought Leader – The True Path to Riches 29
The Sales Funnel…….31
Chapter 9: Selling Physical Products..32
Countless Other Options…. 33
Chapter 10: Scaling Up….35

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Chapter 2: Affiliate Marketing Explained

Before we look at advanced concepts and strategies, it first makes sense to go over what we mean by affiliate marketing exactly. What is affiliate marketing and why is it such a popular option for those looking to earn money online?

Essentially, affiliate marketing means selling for commission. This works online in just the same way as it does for a door-to-door salesman. That is to say that you will be selling a product that you did not create and do not own the rights to, but in return, you will get to keep some commission.

This is a powerful option for those who want to earn money online but don’t necessarily have the skills or the resources to build an ebook, an online course, or something else from scratch.

The big difference between being an affiliate marketer and a door-to-door salesman of course, is that the affiliate is someone who will be able to sell their products to the entire world. Thanks to the web, it’s possible to reach pretty much anyone, right in the comfort of their home! This makes affiliate marketing endlessly scalable – and with the right product and the right pitch, you can make a HUGE killing.

Online affiliate marketing can generally be split into two categories:

– Affiliate marketing for digital products (such as eBooks and online courses)

– Affiliate marketing for physical products (anything you might buy in a store)

We will talk about option number 2 toward the end of this book. But suffice to say that the majority of people who get into affiliate marketing will be focused on the first option.

Selling digital products has a huge number of impressive advantages after all! Firstly, selling digital products means that there is no storage and no delivery. That in turn means that a much bigger cut of the revenue will be split between you and the owner of the product!

Another advantage, is that when you sell a digital product, there are no supplies and no materials.

Moreover, the entire transaction is automated.

It’s for these reasons, that affiliates can often stand to earn 70% or even 90% from promoting digital products!

You might at this point be wondering why anyone would be willing to give away such a large cut – the lion’s share – of their profits!

The answer is simple: if you’re an ebook owner and you are selling copies of your book to a wide audience, then the more copies you manage to shift, the more money you make. You are probably doing everything you can to try and convince people to find your book (and to help them find it in the first place). As such, you have likely saturated your current market.

Now here’s the thing: if you decide to also let affiliates sell your product, then you will be inviting those people to make you extra sales. This doesn’t detract at all from the sales you make – it’s all additional. So if you’re making $2,000 per month from your sales and you get an extra 10% of that, then this is an extra $200. It might not be a lot, but it’s effectively free money. With the ebook created, you no longer have to lift a finger!

What’s more, is that if you can attract the attention of 20 affiliates, then suddenly you’re earning an additional $4,000 per month! And if one of those affiliates is a superstar marketer, then you might be earning a whole lot more than that!

By offering higher commission on their products, product owners can attract more people to help them sell them. Thus, it is in their best interest to give away a big cut. This is a rare instance of a genuinely win/win scenario!

Advantages of Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

And it really can be a WIN with a capital W!

That’s because affiliate marketing removes many of the challenges and obstacles that you face when trying to sell something online. Some of these are obvious, others are not.

First of all, selling an affiliate product means you don’t need to create something new. This means that you can start earning money immediately. As soon as you are accepted as an affiliate, you can start making cash.

This is also very beneficial for anyone that is simply unable to make a product. Perhaps you have no idea how to make a course or an ebook, or maybe you just don’t have any valuable information to share. In this scenario, you could alternatively commission someone to make you a product, but that would potentially cost hundreds of dollars and months of waiting!

Of course, you would then get to keep 100% of the profit… but that wouldn’t necessarily translate to more cash! Why? Because when you keep 100% of $100, it’s less than keeping 90% of $150. In other words, you can simply find a product with a price and affiliate deal that suits your goals.

These benefits also mean that you could start promoting 20 different affiliate products in the time it would take you to sell just one of yours. The scalability is huge then, and this is something you really need to keep in mind when calculating the best business move.

But perhaps what’s even more beneficial about selling affiliate products, is that it allows you to sell products that have been proven. In other words, you can look and see which affiliate products are selling the best: how much have they made so far? How are they rated?

This way, you can now choose a product that is almost guaranteed to be a hit for you. You at least know that it has the potential to be a hit for you!

This is called “verifying the market” and it’s one of the best things you can do in ANY business. Otherwise, you are effectively taking a punt on an idea that may or may not resonate with your audience. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars and months of your life to create a digital product, only to then find that no one wants it!

Shortcomings to Overcome With all that said…

It is not my job to try and sell you on affiliate marketing. You’re already reading this book, so my only goal now is to give you the honest and practical advice that can genuinely help you to make a killing. Rather than continuing to tell you how amazing affiliate marketing is then, I’m instead going to do something far more helpful and tell you about the downsides – so you can understand how best to mitigate and avoid them.

The biggest issue is that this is not your product. For all that affiliate marketing has amazing benefits, you ultimately are selling someone else’s creation. And unlike selling a “PLR” package (private label rights), you won’t have the opportunity to change it or to make edits as you see fit.

This means that you will be selling something that isn’t necessarily a reflection or extension of your own personality, views or styles. This is then significantly more difficult to sell.

This might sound vague, but as we will learn over the course of this post, your ability to sell often comes down to your ability to speak to the value proposition – to build trust and authority with your audience and to establish yourself as a thought leader. That’s significantly easier to do when you believe in the product 1,000,000% and when you actually created the product. This way, people will want to buy the product because they want more of what you have to offer. This is one of the biggest hurdles that you will need to overcome if you’re going to be successful as an affiliate.

And of course, it’s something we’re going to discuss in depth in this book.

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