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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail…..5
Chapter 2 – The Secret to Establishing New Healthy Habits…..9
Chapter 3 – New Year Diet Tips That Work..13
Chapter 4 – A New Year’s Exercise Plan You Can Stick With .. 17
Chapter 5 – The Truth About Cardio…… 21
Chapter 6 – Lifestyle Changes that Make the Difference.. 25
Chapter 7 – Keeping Your Mind Right – The Inner Game of
Getting fit. 28
Chapter 8 – Staying on Course the Whole Year and Beyond…32
Chapter 9 – Take Action – Build a New YOU for the New Year 36
Bonus – How to Enjoy the Holidays WITHOUT Packing on
Pounds!…. 40

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Your Energy Levels will Sky Rocket.

Having more abundant energy stores carries over into nearly every area in our lives. This means being more productive at work without having to get strung out on four cups of coffee ever morning, to being able to get back into that old sport you love, to being able to play with the kids without needing to take a nap on the couch. Believe me, the important people in your life will appreciate the difference nearly as much as you do!

You Will Beat Depression.

Now you may not be suffering from feeling down often, but the hard truth is that many out of shape people do. Getting fit is the best cure for melancholy! Forget taking drugs or mumbo jumbo therapy – carving out a new fit you for the New Year is quite likely to chase depression away for good. Try it and see.

These are much closer to NEEDS than WANTS aren’t they? There’s plenty more too, these are just some of the more common things that come to mind.

Now, Let’s get you Fit for the New Year!


If the statistics can be believed (and they probably can) some where in the neighborhood of 88% of New Year’s Resolutions are given up on after a few weeks.

A smart bet would be that the vast majority of these New Year resolution false starts and stumbles are broadly speaking, health related ranging from fat loss to quitting smoking and everywhere in between.

Which brings us to the next big question… Why do most New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

Knowing some of the big reasons why they fail gives us an idea of what to watch out for when it comes to making sure our New Year’s fitness resolutions are an absolute blinding success.

Let’s see…

Putting Too Much On One Plate.

Now I don’t mean that literally in how much food you are eating in this case (though that may be true too!) what we’re looking at is having too many Resolutions that target too many areas of life.

Big changes require big focus. If you NEED to lose weight and get more fit for the reasons we have already discussed make getting fit a priority. Worry about getting that raise at work, learning a new language and some of the other things you may want to do after you have accomplished this important milestone.

The upside of getting fit first is that your new found confidence, energy and self-discipline will make your future goals MUCH easier to achieve. Fitness can be the foundation of the new you!

No Accountability.

Often New Year’s Resolutions enter the land of pipe dreams, because we leave no one accountable to them but ourselves. If this was enough most coaches and motivational speakers would be on the unemployment line. Human nature dictates that we are much more geared towards accomplishing our dreams when we let others who are important to us know about our plan and they hold us accountable to them. Even having online support through forums and discussion groups on fitness can be a huge help. Having no accountability beyond yourself is setting yourself up to fail.

An Unwillingness To Try New Things.

If you keep doing the same old things there’s no doubt you will continue getting the same old results. This is a unbreakable rule which requires that we step out of our comfort zones, sometimes radically, to see dramatic change in our lives. Since you are taking the time to read this Guide, I’m very confident you are open minded enough to consider and try new things to get the body and health you deserve. Congratulations on delivering a blow to this foe of New Year’s fitness resolutions already! Thinking there is a “Easy” Way to Get Fit.

Losing ugly body fat and getting your dream body to become a reality isn’t easy, despite what supplement hustlers and infomercials may try to sell you.

It requires hard work, sweat and dedication. Smart tips and insider information, like you will find in this Guide and elsewhere, can and will help, but please don’t think it will be “easy”. Hardly anything worthwhile in life ever is.

This also means when you do succeed you will have every right to be proud of your hard earned accomplishments.

This alone can be worth the price of admission!

Now that you are better prepared to know what negative elements to be on the look out for let’s dig into our program!


Are your habits acting like a straight jacket keeping you fat and unhappy?

What if you were able to install NEW habits – ones that made your goals more easy to achieve, habits that made your body and your lifestyle more in tune with who and what you want to be?

Learning how to establish new healthy habits is a secret that can be the deciding factor in achieving your New Year’s fitness resolutions and beyond. Once you get the process down, and it’s not hard, you will possess a awesome new power for self-change that can totally transform your life.

Here’s how it works…

Set Your Goal.

Pick a small achievable goal that fits into the bigger picture of the lifestyle change you are working for, Try not to be both specific and also not too broad.

For example, “running four days a week” is a goal which works much better with this method than “eating breakfast every day, going to the gym and getting eight hours sleep.” Those are all good goals, but breaking them down into smaller pieces and working on them one by one is a much more successful approach here.

Establish a Trigger.

You can think of your “trigger” as an action that signals for you to begin your new habit. This is an important part of why the method works psychologically. Continuing with running as our example a trigger could be drinking a glass of green tea or coffee every day before you immediately run.

Your trigger will stay the same as long as you work with your new habit. Many people are more visually orientated, in which case something as simple as laying your running gear out each day before work could act as a trigger to run when you return home. Experiment and see which type of trigger works best for you. Keep it as Fun as Possible.

If there’s any way you can spice up your new healthy habit to make it more fun and exciting, do it! The more pleasure you can keep associated with it (or pain with NOT doing it) the better. This can be as simple as always listening to music you love while exercising or seasoning the healthy food well to make sure it consistently tastes outstanding.

Don’t Stop.

Skipping doing what you need to do with your new habit before it sets in will take you back to step one. It’s essential you force yourself to do it for these early days even if it seems uncomfortable. Remember, the nature of our minds is to strongly resist even positive change and to try to keep us in our comfort zone. Which is the last place we want to be when getting ourselves into the best shape of out lives!

21 Days is the Target.

Most experts agree it takes roughly 21 days for a habit to be established. After that we can expect our “inner selves” to start working with us, not against us. If you can keep it going that long, which I know you can, things will become much easier. After that pick a new healthy habit and repeat!

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