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Ebook Table Of Contents

Section I – What Is An Affiliate?    6
Basics of Affiliate Marketing    6
Affiliate Marketing 101 – The Basics    9
Clickbank    10
Researching Your Products    12 Bestsellers    13
Ebay Pulse tool: http://    14
Terapeak is another great way to do things    14
Section II – Newbie to Profitable Affiliate    15
Build Up To About 10 Products To Promote    15
Clickbank Marketplace    16
CB Trends    16
CB Engine    17
Getting Traffic To Your Site    20
Video Promotion    20
Things to remember:    22
Pay-Per-Click Advertising    22
Adwords & Contextual Advertising    23
Ad Variations    24
URL Display and URL Actual    25
Yahoo and MSN’s Adwords Equivalent Contextual Advertising    26
Facebook and Myspace Advertising    27
Squidoo and Hubpages    27
Web 2.0 Social Networking    28
The Advantages of Having Your Own Website    29
Building Quality Incoming Links To Your Site    32
Section III: Step-by-Step Checklist To Affiliate Success    33
Get organized and committed to the journey    33
Sign up for Pay Per Click programs    33
Sign up for Clickbank    34
Video Training    34
Article Marketing    34
Top 25 Article Directories    35
Build Squidoo Lenses and Hubpages    35
Autoresponders    36
Sign Up For Web 2.0 Social Networking Sites    38
Consider Building A Store    40
Set Up A Blog on a Free Site    40
Consider Setting Up Your Own Website    42
Getting Traffic To Your Site    43

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When it comes to going into business online, one of the easiest and most lucrative methods is through Affiliate Marketing. This is because becoming an affiliate marketer requires no experience, no website and simple promotional techniques that will convert prospective buyers into customers.

For the relative newcomer, affiliate marketing offers a planned method and blueprint to begin making sales online. There are a multitude of different opportunities, niches and markets to choose from. A person can become an affiliate for just about anything from digital products to flowers and everything in between.

In this e-book, we will cover the basics of affiliate marketing to give you an idea of where to start, how to get started and what websites are good to work with.
We will then move into how to become a profitable affiliate in 60 days or less, becoming an affiliate insider and some advanced techniques that if applied properly will take your earnings to the next level.

This e-book is not the end all in affiliate learning; instead, it is a good step-off point that will lead you to other e-books that will expand your horizons and earnings.

By the time you finish reading this e-book, you will be able to implement a concrete plan that will get you into earning money quickly and easily. These techniques have worked for a long time, and they work consistently to earn money from affiliate marketing if followed.

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