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It may be a symptom of the strains of modern life: the prevalence of stress and anxiety. It seems that stress is ever-present, attacking us at work, at school, on the road, and at home. To a large extent, it is impossible to escape stress—and perhaps we wouldn’t want to. Stress can be a powerful motivator and a catalyst for change. It can enable us to grow and mature. Stress is not something that should be feared—rather, it is an aspect of life that needs to be managed.

You will find that there are a myriad of causes for stress and anxiety. Both can appear on the scene anytime, anywhere. However, a growing body of research suggests that there are numerous ways to reduce the negative effects of stress. If you follow these prescriptions for stress relief, you should find yourself leading a fuller, more productive life. You will no longer be challenged by the demands of stress, and you should feel more relaxed as a result.

Turning a Spotlight on Anxiety Disorders

You may be restless at night, tossing and turning in your bed because of excessive worry. You may find yourself cracking under pressure, whether when preparing for a test or when you get ready to report to the boss. But does your uneasiness qualify as actual anxiety?

We seem to be an angst-ridden society. Television news programs offer us a long list of worries: from what’s in your toddler’s milk to whether your high schooler will graduate with a 4.0 average. It seems at times as if we are a nation of worry warts. We obsess about crime, the stock market, civil rights, hunger, AIDs, the SATs, and global warming. You might even nickname your local newspaper “The Worry Pages.”

In order to effectively deal with anxiety, we must first be able to define it. There are certain recognizable symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder which you should pay attention to. For instance, anxiety can be characterized by restlessness, an inability to relax, shakiness, and tics. You may feel your heart racing or feel light-headed. Your stomach might seem queasy and you may experience shortness of breath.

You might seem overwhelmed by a feeling of fear. You might dread tomorrow because you wonder what disasters will befall your family. You may experience insomnia, irritability, impatience, and an inability to concentrate. You may also feel impatient or on edge.

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