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PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

Learning the Art of Getting Acquainted With Strangers    4
1. Observe And Apply:    4
2. Ruthless Strategy And Responsible Strategy:    4
3. BreakingThe Ice    5
Techniques of discarding discomfort:    5
Nametags:    6
Brainstorm:    6
Is It Fiction Or Is It A Fact?    6
Game Of Differences And Similarities    6
Free Association:    7
Desert Island:    7
Line Up:    7
Commonality Plus:    7
Telling Tales Of Firsts And Worsts:    7
Shoe Pile Can Help You In Meeting And Greeting    8
Identifying The Causes Of The Barrier:    8
5. Figuring Out The Required Ice Breaker:    9
Understanding The Crew:    9
Crew Size:    9
Preparation For Breaking The Ice:    9
Identify The Purpose And Plot The Action Course:    9
ETA (Time):    10
Make It Purposeful:    10
Disembarking (Debrief):    10
6. Tips Regarding Activities Related To Breaking The Ice    11
7. Prepare Yourself:    11
8.News Can Help:    12
9.An Agenda Must Be Created:    12
10. Stay Confident:    12
11.Use The Magic Of Smile And Maintain Eye Contact:    13
12.Don’t Drink And Eat Too Much:    13
13. Networking And Not Business Must Be On Your Mind:    13
14. Compliment Someone:    13
15. Finding Commonality:    14
16.Ask Questions:    14
17.Offer Assistance:    14
18.Build Relationships:    15
19. Show Appreciation:    15
20. Avoid Turn-Offs:    15
Miscellaneous Tips:    16
Seminars and Workshops- How to Make them Useful for You    16
21. Show Up    17
22.Take Notes for Each Conversation    17
23. Business Card’s Organization    17
24. Try To Make New Bonds    17
25. Remember Person’s Name    17
Listening is Different than Hearing    18
The Use of Mnemonics    18
Visual Mnemonics:    19
First Letter Mnemonics:    19
Assembly Mnemonics:    19
Unique Secret for Memorizing Names    20
26.The Perfect Handshake    20
Do not miss an opportunity to shake hands.    21
5 Ideas for Focus on Connecting With People    21
27. Use the parking for profit and fun.    21
28. Networking is about them, not you:    21
29. Have several elevator speeches on hand    21
30. Follow it up with an “urge to action”    22
Conclusion    22
31. The Wonders Of Networking-The Best Way To Reach Out    22
32. Public Speaking    23
33.    Deep Resonating Voice:    23
34.    Speak slowly and clearly    23
35.    Bring Variety in Your Voice    23
36.    Clarity in Voice:    24
37.    Adjust Your Voice    24
38.    Correct Pronunciation    24
39.    Wrong Words    24
40.    Make Contact:    24
41.    Gesticulate:    24
42.    Avoid Lectern:    24
43. 5Ways to Work More Effectively on a Virtual Team    25
45.    Be Ready:    26
46.    Be Tactful    26
47.    Be positive    27
48.It’s An Art:    27
49. Key to networking success    27
50. Being a great communicator    27
Have Fun!    28

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Learning the Art of Getting Acquainted With Strangers

Almost all of us must have gotten into a situation when we would find ourselves in a room full of strangers and new people. It is quite an art to socialize instantly with people. But it’s not a piece of cake for everyone. So, what can be done? Let us take a look at 50 different ways to work a room (networking with strangers).

1. Observe And Apply:

Whenever you would be in a situation where all the people in the room in which you are, are strangers to you, begin with observing the room’s environment or rather its layout in terms of the behavioral patterns of groups of people standing together. Try to locate the room’s “power centers” in terms of locating important persons out of the entire room population. This is an important thing to know as if you strike a chord with these guys then it would become extremely easier for you to socialize with other people. Until and unless this art becomes your second nature, keep practicing it till you get the total feel of it.

2. Ruthless Strategy And Responsible Strategy:

Two approaches can be undertaken by us at this juncture for socializing with people. You can either adopt a ruthless strategy which involves, “games playing”. This means that you would manipulate the people in a cynical manner to meet your objective. If you are adopting a responsible strategy, it means that you would have to show care, attend to the needs of the people and act in a humble and gentle manner. Hence, this strategy is a bit riskier as it takes a lot of time but undertaking such a strategy would be most suitable for shy persons and also it stands correct on our moral principles.

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