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Do this for a couple of minutes and you’ll find that your heartrate slows down and your biochemistry changes in order to help you keep a more level head. This is ideal before an interview as well, and can even be useful in staving off a panic attack.

The rest of the time, it is important to ensure you employ deep ‘belly breathing’ which allows you to draw more air into the lungs and the abdominal cavity beneath them. Many of us have made a habit of shallow breathing only using the top of the lungs. This actually increases stress throughout the day. Kundalini meditation and yoga can help to teach you to correct this issue.

Try Some Meditation

That box breathing could be considered an example of a type of meditation. That’s because you are focussing on an aspect of yourself in order to take your thoughts away from stress and panic. Doing so is often enough to make you feel instantly calmer again. This is a secondary benefit, along with the way it communicates directly with your autonomic nervous system.

That’s all that meditation really is: focus. It’s about focussing on something that you’ve chosen to focus on, rather than letting your thoughts run away with you and onto all kinds of disparate topics.

But there are other forms of meditation that can be even more effective. Take the body scan meditation for instance, which involves focussing on your muscles instead, and on helping yourself to get calmer and more relaxed. This can be an ideal method to use just before bed.

The idea behind a body scan meditation, is to turn your attention to each part of your body in turn, and to help it relax. You do this by first contracting (tensing up) the muscle, and then releasing all that tension and making a conscious effort to allow it to happen fully.

This not only distracts your mind from whatever other worries you were thinking about, but also helps to release stored tension that can cause discomfort and make you feel more stressed.

It’s called a body ‘scan’ because you will be moving your attention first from the top of your head, all the way down to your toes. So start by thinking about your forehead and ears. Are they holding any tension? Contract them, release them, then imagine them completely melting and dissolving. Now do your mouth and jaw, now your neck and shoulders, and so forth.

This is a great option to use just before going to sleep.

Have a Smoothie

Okay, so this one might seem a little less game-changing than a breathing technique used by the special forces!

In fact though, having a smoothie can be just as effective at combating your stress on multiple different fronts.

Firstly, when you drink a smoothie, you will be elevating your blood sugar. This is important because it helps you to control your own hormone balance – which is closely connected to appetite and diet.

You see, when we don’t eat enough, our bodies don’t have enough sugar and respond by increasing cortisol. It’s essentially saying: get out there and find something to eat!

We don’t interpret it as that though. Rather, we interpret it as a kind of shakiness and anxiety that we can’t quiet put our fingers on. And here’s the thing: when you have cortisol in your blood, everything seems to be a little worse. We think that our thoughts control our moods, but very often the relationship works in reverse: our moods control our thoughts. Suddenly, things start to seem terrible and we find ourselves worrying without knowing why.

But you have that smoothie and what happens? The body processes the sugar, which in turn triggers a release of tryptophan (as a byproduct). This reaches the brain, where it is converted into serotonin – the feel good hormone!

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