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Studies have shown that just having the opportunity to engage in multitasking is detrimental to your performance. Dr. Glenn Wilson, a Psychology professor at Gresham College of London, discovered that merely having an unread email message sitting in your inbox while you’re trying to complete a task can decrease your effective IQ by 10 points. Having emails come into your inbox every few minutes is terrible for your decision-making skills and impairs your judgment.

There are several simple things that you can do to limit email distractions and trick your brain into staying on track. The first step that you need to take to limit the distractions of email is to organize your inbox. Many of the popular email applications today allow you to create separate files and rules to organize your incoming messages quickly. Utilizing this helpful tool can keep emails from piling up in your inbox. By applying rules to your inbox, you can move the most important messages into a separate folder automatically, making it easier for you to locate them later on.

Next, you want to turn off your notifications so that you aren’t always being interrupted by the chime of incoming messages. Many people have their email programs configured to bring in arriving emails automatically or to check every five minutes for new messages. If you’re checking your emails every five minutes during your workday, you’re checking it 200 times. That’s 200 interruptions that impair your decision-making skills and judgment. Finally, to limit the distractions of email during your day, schedule two or three times during the day to check and respond to email.

Secret #4 – Eat the Frog First Thing in the Morning

In 2001, author and motivational speaker, Brian Tracy introduced the world to the concept of eating the frog. When it comes to your productivity, the frog is the one thing that is on your to-do-list that you have no motivation to complete. Unfortunately, when you have items like this on your to-do-list, you tend to procrastinate on finishing them.

Every day we start with a finite amount of energy that has to last us the entire day. This small amount of this energy is used every time we have to make a decision, and it doesn’t matter if the decision is momentous or trivial. Each time we have to make a decision, like whether to use a blue or black pen, or whether you should opt for surgery or radiation, it consumes a bit of the glucose that is used for energy. When we’ve exhausted our stores of glucose, or energy levels become depleted.

When you have important decisions to make, you should make them at the beginning of the day, when your glucose levels are at their highest levels. If you tackle the most significant and most important task on your to-do-list first thing in the morning, the rest of your day will go better.

Taking action is the key to beating information overload. So, whatever is the most unpleasant tasks on your list, do it first thing in the morning, without overthinking it. Discipline yourself to work on this task until you’ve completed it successfully. The satisfaction of having achieved something will trigger your brain’s production of Endorphins and Dopamine, two naturally occurring chemicals responsible for pleasure and happiness, allowing us to stay focused, motivated, and productive throughout the day.

Every morning, you want to set time aside without distractions to adopt the correct mindset that the task at hand is the most important thing you can be doing at the time. To help remove the stress of choosing the appropriate task, write down your to-do-list in the evening, prioritize the tasks and pick your frog. This way, all you have to do the next morning is take action.

Secret #5 – Utilize the Five-Minute Rule

Many people have issues with their productivity merely because they are overwhelmed with all the tasks that they need to complete. They tend to go through their list of tasks for their day and skip over the ones they feel are too tough. While it may not seem like a big problem, the reality is that when the number of instances increases on a daily basis, they can become incredibly destructive to your productivity.

If you feel that you have so much on our mind that you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. This has to do with your lack of clarity in the way you process things and utilize your working memory. When your mind becomes overburdened, or you are trying to process complex information, there is no way your brain can quickly process the information so that you can move forward from one task to the next. This is where the five-minute rule can come in handy.

The system is straightforward to implement in your day, and if used correctly will result in you getting a ton of work done in a small amount of time. To use the system, every morning list the number of tasks you have for the day. For each task on your list, assign a block of time in five-minute increments. This is followed by other times in increments of 5 or 26. Your list should look something like this.

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