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Build an email list – An email list is one of the best ways to monetize your website. It allows you to send offers such as affiliate products and services to subscribers of your email list. If you launch a product, email subscribers will usually be the first to know about it and the first to purchase it.

It is also a great way to drive traffic to your website to purchase products, click advertisements, and more. If you haven’t yet, start building your list..

Another important aspect to consider about an email list is the relationship you can build with your subscribers. People buy based on a number of factors but trust is one of them.

30 Day Blog Launch Blueprint

If you use your email list to build trust with your audience you can make more affiliate sales and product sales.

As a blogger or website owner email marketing should be one of the number one ways you monetize your website.

Providing Consulting – Most of us start a website on something we are passionate about or have become an expert on a particular topic. If you are an expert in your area you can offer consulting through your website. If your website truly shows that you are an expert in your realm then people will be interested in your help on their projects. Offering consulting can be as easy as having a page on your website offering your consulting information. Make a post about it, link to it, and start providing real help to those who come to you. Over time you can build a long list of customers through the use of word of mouth. If you are providing your customers great service they will likely tell others about your services.

PPC Advertising Networks – PPC advertising is a very common way of monetizing your website by getting paid for clicks on advertisements that appear on your website. Google Adsense is a very popular PPC ad network. Most PPC networks require you to sign up, choose your ad layout, add some code to your website, and get visitors to click them.

The biggest factor in PPC advertising is traffic. These type of advertisements can make you a good amount of money but you need a lot of traffic in order to get a good amount of clicks. However, if you have very targeted traffic along with targeted advertisements you may also get a lot of clicks that way.

Podcast – Podcasting has become a really great way to extend the reach of your website to a much larger audience. Podcasting allows you to find new readers and subscribers by creating content in their preferred way to consume it. A lot of your podcast listeners will also become followers and possibly subscribers to your website as well. Providing great content on your podcast is a great way to get those listeners interested in what else you have to offer on your website.

While the act of podcasting alone will not directly help you monetize your website, it will help in many other ways. First of all, it will increase the audience size that you interact with. If you are able to convert podcast listeners to website traffic you raise your potential to increase your earnings potential on the ways you are already monetizing your website.

There are multiple ways in which you can monetize a podcast. One of the main ways you can monetize your podcast is by gaining sponsors. Sponsors are usually set up so that the sponsor pays you a monthly amount to do a live read or multiple live reads on your podcast. Podcasts are getting to the point where they are able to reach a very large audience and as podcasts continue to grow the amount of sponsors available will only grow.

Another way to monetize your website through a podcast is to allow advertisers to advertise on your podcast. This is different from a sponsor because it usually involves a prepared advertisement that is played on your show. Opposed to sponsors that are normally live reads.

Another great way to monetize your podcast is by having a premium section for your podcast listeners. This basically works by creating a separate podcast feed or passwordprotected feed only for premium members. This usually contains additional content or any premium content that you can provide your members.

You can also monetize your website through your podcast by promoting affiliate products in which you have an affiliate code for by promoting products on your website. Basically you can consider these your own live reads as you’re doing an advertisement for products on your website or products that you’re affiliated with.

Amazon affiliate not promoting products – Yes, you read that correctly, you can earn affiliate commissions through Amazon without directly promoting Amazon products. Essentially it works by providing a link on your website to Amazon where your customers or readers can clickthrough your website to Amazon and anything they purchase you will make a commission off of.

A lot of podcasters are also monetizing from this because they are promoting the Amazon link on their website and on their podcasts. If people like the content you deliver and they want to thank you without buying something from you directly they will often clickthrough your Amazon link when they purchase things just so that you get a little cut of it. This is a great way for your readers to give a little bit back to you while purchasing things they need.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing is a very popular way of monetizing a website. Affiliate marketing can be summarized as a way for a merchant to have their products sold by affiliates. In return, affiliates make a commission off of each sale they make. There are many different ways and platforms for affiliate marketing.

There are websites such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Amazon that allow you to create affiliate accounts and sell products from their store on your website to make a commission from the sell. The other part of affiliate marketing is affiliating with companies that you use in your business. A lot of online marketers will have specific tools or services that they endorse and sell products to their customers as affiliates. Most affiliate programs work by creating an affiliate ID for their affiliates and that ID is recognized when a customer clicks through a link from the affiliate. Depending on the specific affiliate program you associate with you will often be provided banner images, documentation, advertisement recommendations, and more to support your affiliate product sales.

● Affiliate Programs
● Commission Junction
● ClickBank
● ejunkie
● Link Share

Banner and Paid Advertising – Banner and paid advertising is way to monetize your website by allowing others to rent real estate on your website. This method can be very effective and it allows you to cut out the middleman and directly work with potential advertisers.

Banner advertisements come in many shapes and sizes and also can be placed in multiple places on your website. Some of the more common formats include banner ads directly at the top of your website (one of the first things that visitors will see when they visit your page). Other popular formats are various sizes of banner ads on the website’s sidebar next to the website content. These type of advertisements usually require your website to have a large amount of traffic.

Premium Website Content – One great way to monetize your website is to have a member’s only area for premium content. This allows you to have an area dedicated to only premium members who pay you a subscription fee to be part of it.

There are many things that you can provide in a premium content section. For example, if you have a tutorial website you could have your most desired or most indepth tutorials in your premium content section. A lot of websites have benefited by offering many of their services for free but having limitations on the free service. Once their customers realize how powerful their service is and want to expand it they will sign up for the premium content.

Premium content can be in the form of videos, documents, downloads, audio, presentations, tools, support, guidance, and any other form of content. This can be a very successful way to monetize your website especially if you set it up to have recurring subscriptions.

Private Member Forums – Similar to providing a premium content area on your website you could also experiment with setting up a private member forums area that costs the user to access. Private forums can be a great way to monetize your website because you can set them up as subscription based.

Private member forums can be setup to provide users a lot of valuable information not displayed on your website. One format that works great is allowing members to ask very specific questions and get expert feedback. Being able to provide extremely useful support or information in a private member forum is a great way to monetize your website.

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