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Secret #1 – How to Turn Free Ebook into a Quality $297 Product

Let’s say you have this free ebook that’s of quality, around 100 pages. Here’s how to take it and turn it into a $297 information product.

How to Increase the Perceived Value

Free information is perceived to have a low value, especially free blog posts with ads way off in the corner.

Listen to this.

Perceived value is everything. Water used to be only free, but now you can buy a Dasani out of a Coke machine for a buck. It’s the same water you can get for free with a cheap filter attached to your sink. Yet bottled water now has a perceived value of up to $1.

As for digital products online:

* Ebooks have a perceived value of $7 to $28.
* mp3 products are generally perceived at around $47.
* Downloadable videos are perceived up to $97 a piece.
* Software is perceived anywhere between $97 to the $1,000s.

These are estimates based on studying marketing and observing prices. Some might disagree.

Let’s take a free ebook and make some real money…

I’d take this quality ebook and turn it into another form of media with a higher perceived value.

* Ebook = $27 per sale
* Ebook > mp3 Audiobook = $47 per sale
* Ebook > mp3 Audiobook > Screen Captured Video = $97 per sale

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