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Key #1: Capture The Subscriber First.

Welcome to this special report. I’m Jimmy D. Brown and I’ll be your tour guide.

We’re going to jump right into the thick of things today with a foundational concept that is certainly going to increase the size and consistency of your affiliate commission checks no matter what program you choose to promote.

Key #1: Capture The Subscriber First.

Here’s how a lot of people promote their favorite offer…

 They simply advertise their affiliate link and send visitors directly to the website where the product salesletter awaits.

Two quick questions for you regarding this practice:

1) Who gets the ultimate benefit?

2) What happens to those who don’t buy?

Think about this for a moment –

When you send a visitor to the salespage, who gets the ultimate benefit of your effort? I’ll give you a hint: it’s NOT YOU.

The owner of the product does. Why?

Because if they are any kind of marketer at all, they’ll have a LIST of some kind for visitors to join.

And then they get to promote to that subscriber over and over again. And not just their products, but they can promote other people’s products as well.

SIDEBAR: To be sure, they’ll likely spend the first few follow-up offers to promote their own offer and you WILL likely earn a commission on referrals, everybody knows the real value is in the long-term offers being sent. Any of these future offers that they send promoting other stuff leaves you out of the loop.

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