2 Minute Videos Made Easy : Video Report Personal Use Ebook

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Table Of Contents

1. Why Online Video? You need to be using video on your website–here’s why.
2. Ways to Make Money with Online Video
There are many ways to monetize video!
3. Finding a Good Affiliate Program
Why using videos to promote affiliate products is recommended.
4. Creating a Video–Will People Watch?
Ways to ensure your video will be watched–important tips.
5. Buying Triggers
How to create a video that will encourage sales.
6. Think outside the Box
How to get noticed and be 100% original!
7. Beyond The Dancing Baby
Video has changed–the world is your audience!
8. The Nuts and Bolts
Specifics and tools to use for making great videos.
9. Hosting Your Videos
A good host is really REALLY important with online video!
10. Why Only 2 Minutes? Can I really make money in only 2 minutes?–Yes!
11. Great Resources
A list of excellent resources to check out.
12. Final Word–About Author Sign up for the 2minutevideo.com newsletter to learn more!

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Why You Absolutely Positively Must Have Video on Your Website!!

Why online video?

The internet has over the past two decades established itself as the medium to reach out to the world at large. What began in the early nineties as text-based communication with just an email address, has now transformed into an entire world in itself. And how! From simple emailing, to ecommerce – it has been a long journey but has moved so quickly.

Advertisements and product promotion have made full use of the progress made in mass communication: from newspapers, to radio, to television. The adverts moved into the front pages of newspapers as advertisements, then dived into radios as jingles, and finally glided into television as ad spots. Now in the internet arena, these very same advertisements and promos have moved in the form of screaming banners, Adsense, 2-D pictures, animated cartoons… all jostling for space in the customer’s mind.

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