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Part 1: The Diet You Should Follow for Rapid Weight Loss Before December 25th

One of the key reasons that people have a difficult time losing weight is because their digestive system is not functioning properly. If your digestive system is not performing at its optimum capacity, weight loss can be slow or even halted completely. You can diet and eat healthy as much as you want, but essentially the body cannot shed the pounds, since the stomach is not digesting food properly.

There are scientific studies to show, however, that citrus that is found in natural lemons and limes can aid the digestive system, speeding up the weight loss process. This may seem surprising, yet it’s true: lemons are nature’s tool to helping you lose weight!

Lemons also contain pectin, and in a recent study, scientists found that pectin can help eliminate cravings. In some cases, the pectin can actually curb these cravings for up to four hours, which is a great help when you’re trying to lose weight and diet correctly.

There are ways you can proactively add more lemon or other citrus into your diet so that you can boost your metabolism and resist the urge to overeat. Perhaps the most obvious and commonly used way to integrate more lemon into your diet is to simply squeeze fresh lemon juice into your water. Water alone is already a great way to keep your system clean and perk up the metabolism rate.

By adding lemon juice to water, you’re adding a delicious twist to everyday water while ingesting more citrus into your diet. A great way to create a daily regimen for yourself is to make sure you drink some lemon juice in warm water first thing in the morning. This gives your metabolism a great kick-start for the day.

Of course, you can also integrate lemon peel into your deserts or other foods (which is the part of the lemon that includes pectin), and sprinkle the lemon juice over your food. Incorporate this new habit with a healthier diet and you’ll see results.

Speaking of beverages, alcoholic drinks should be kept to a minimum when trying to lose weight. Avoid too much caffeine as well, since it has been known to slow down weight loss. Try not to drink sugar laden sodas or bottle fruit juices that are packed with sugar and chemicals.

Tea is a good alternative, especially the sugar and caffeine free versions, but water is absolutely the best beverage you can ingest that will help your body function at optimal levels.

You can also include lemons in every day dishes such as chicken or fish. Sprinkle the peel shavings into soups and on top of fresh salads. This will give you the pectin in your diet you will need to help stimulate the body’s natural metabolism.

The lemon also adds a flavorful twist to boring dishes. It is also interesting to note that lemons are a great source of fiber as well which helps to keep the body’s digestive system regular. Incorporating lemons is easier than you might think. In addition, they are a fairly inexpensive way to give your diet a boost.

It has been shown that by simply adding more fresh lemon to your diet, you can actually regulate blood sugar levels by as much as thirty percent. Our bodies’ glucose and blood sugar levels are extremely important parts of how we process food and how we can maintain a healthy weight. Proper levels of glucose are essential to maintain weight loss and keep your body lean.

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