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Some aspects of internet marketing look too complicated and scary to even think about, let alone start to do

Email marketing was one of these for me. Email marketing is an overcomplicated term that basically means sending emails out to your list to persuade them to buy products from you.

I wrote this information down because my email marketing system was in a mess – I was making very little money from it and people were unsubscribing because they were getting the same sales email time and time again, or the course they’d signed up for wasn’t arriving.

My system needed a complete overhaul – which I did by setting up a simple tracking system. REALLY simple, and I also just rethought my whole email marketing strategy. This book is about what I did.

The results though were spectacular, and from very small changes too.

There are two lots of good news about this – firstly it’s turned out that this information can be used by anyone to learn about how email marketing works, and secondly, I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars from it – which means that if I can do it – so can you.

Sending out emails to your list or lists sounds pretty easy – you just send them and wait for the money right?

Well yes – if things go to plan that is exactly what happens. But when you have multiple lists and multiple offers on the go, it’s easy for things to run away from you – they did with me – which is why I wanted to look at what I was doing a little more.

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