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Table of Contents

101 Tips to Find Motivation and Reach Your Goals 7
Chapter One – Tips for Finding Your Motivation 9
Tip #1 – Make a Deal with Yourself . 10
Tip #2 – Leave Yourself Messages in the Morning . 10
Tip #3 – Don’t Hit the Snooze Button .. 10
Tip #4 – Practice Positive Self Talk . 11
Tip #5 – Stay on a Regular Schedule .. 11
Tip #6 – Breakfast is Key . 11
Tip #7 – Have a Morning Routine 12
Tip #8 – Participate in Morning Exercise . 12
Tip #9 – Take One Step at a Time … 12
Tip #10 – Keep Moving Forward .. 13
Tip #11 – Reward Yourself .. 13
Tip #12 – Leave Yourself Notes… 13
Tip #13 – Track Your Progress 14
Tip #14 – Make Small Goals 14
Tip #15 – Work on One Project at a Time … 14
Tip #16 – Turn to Others .. 15
Tip #17 – Clear Your Mind … 15
Tip #18 – Think of Things the Energize You … 15
Tip #19 – Listen to Upbeat Music 16
Tip #20 – Find Your Mantra . 16
Chapter Two – Tips for Building Your Self-Discipline .. 17
Tip #21 – Plan a Routine . 18
Tip #22 – Keep to Your Routine… 18
Tip #23 – Have the Same Routine Daily .. 19
Tip #24 – Set Specific Goals 19
Tip #25 – Define Your Life to Fit Your Goals … 19
Tip #26 – Organize Your Day .. 20
Tip #27 – Utilize a Pinup Board … 20
Tip #28 – Talk Through Your Motions . 20
Tip #29 – Celebrate Small Victories 21
Tip #30 – Compete with Yourself . 21
Tip #31 – Challenge Yourself … 21
Tip #32 – Allow Others to Challenge You 22
Tip #33 – Filter Your Mind of Negative Thoughts 22
Tip #34 – Talk Kindly to Yourself . 22
Tip #35 – Develop a Can-Do Attitude .. 23
Tip #36 – Develop Positive Affirmations .. 23
Tip #37 – Break Your Bad Habits 23
Tip #38 – Make an Action Plan 24
Tip #39 – Have the Bigger Picture in Mind .. 24
Tip #40 – Focus on the Present … 24
Tip #41 – Learn from Your Experiences .. 25
Chapter 3 – Tips for Managing Your Time . 26
Tip #42 – Take a Step Back . 27
Tip #43 – Have a Plan.. 27
Tip #44 – Stick to Your Plan 28
Tip #45 – Allow Time for Rest .. 28
Tip #46 – Prioritize … 28
Tip #47 – Write Your Tasks Down … 29
Tip #48 – Schedule Your Day .. 29
Tip #49 – Take Other Schedules into Account 29
Tip #50 – Plan for the Unexpected … 30
Tip #51 – Carry a Schedule . 30
Tip #52 – Decide What Results You Want to Attain 30
Tip #53 – Create Time Management Goals. 31
Tip #54 – Utilize Time Management Tools .. 31
Tip #55 – Learn to Say No … 31
Tip #56 – Don’t Multitask . 32
Tip #57 – Be Organized … 32
Tip #58 – Batch Related Tasks Together 32
Tip #59 – Eliminate the Non-Essential . 32
Tip #60 – Leave a Buffer-Time Between Tasks .. 33
Chapter 4 – Tips to Change Your Thinking 34
Tip #61 – It’s Not About You 35
Tip #62 – Don’t Take Things Personally .. 35
Tip #63 – Try to Find the Good in Everything .. 35
Tip #64 – Collect References that Reinforce Your Positive Belief .. 35
Tip #65 – Practice Visualization … 36
Tip #66 – Avoid Negative People. 36
Tip #67 – Avoid Instant Gratification 36
Tip #68 – Live up to Your Values . 36
Tip #69 – Stop Comparing Yourself with Others . 37
Tip #70 – Look for the Good in Other People .. 37
Tip #71 – Practice Meditation .. 37
Tip #72 – Completely Focus on Present Activities .. 37
Tip #73 – Be Aware of Your Thoughts . 38
Tip #74 – Minimize Activities That Stop You from Being Present … 38
Tip #75 – Face Your Fears .. 38
Tip #76 – Have Faith in Yourself.. 38
Tip #77 – Trust in Your Own Value .. 39
Tip #78 – Be Optimistic 39
Tip #79 – Always Show Your Real Self … 39
Tip #80 – Always Speak Your Mind . 40
Chapter 5 – Tips for Reaching Your Goals 41
Tip #81 – Have an End Result in Mind 42
Tip #82 – Break Down Larger Goals into Smaller Parts .. 42
Tip #83 – Set Reasonable Time Frames . 42
Tip #84 – Stack Your Goals . 42
Tip #85 – Move on to New Goals When You’ve Achieved Your Other
Goal .. 43
Tip #86 – Have Benchmarks 43
Tip #87 – Start with the Basics 43
Tip #88 – Start on Small Goals 44
Tip #89 – Prioritize Your Goals 44
Tip #90 – Don’t Take on Too Much at Once 44
Tip #91 – Have Someone to Keep You Accountable .. 44
Tip #92 – Don’t Become Discouraged by Obstacles … 45
Tip #93 – Look for People Who Share Similar Goals .. 45
Tip #94 – Use Your Family and Friends as Sounding Boards 45
Tip #95 – Learn to Let Go of Negative Forces 46
Tip #96 – Talk to Your Support Group Regularly 46
Tip #97 – Listen to Advice 46
Tip #98 – Be Open to Change . 46
Tip #99 – Set Your Sights High 47
Tip #100 – Think Beyond the Present . 47
Tip #101 – Don’t Settle When More Can be Done .. 47

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Tip #10 – Keep Moving Forward

Once you get moving, keep moving. Energy isn’t something that lives in a bottle and can be taken on a whim. Sometimes you have to force yourself to keep going. Maintaining your momentum increases the chances that you will continue to be productive and finish what you started out to accomplish in the first place. Don’t fool yourself by telling yourself that you’ll be able to do it later. This is nothing more than procrastinating and will ultimately leave a lot of unwanted tasks sitting on the back burner.

Tip #11 – Reward Yourself

When you are faced with a difficult task or situation, setting up a reward for when you complete it successfully can help you remain motivated. Rewarding yourself for completing difficult tasks can keep you motivated to keep going with the job and accomplish it in the time frame you’ve set.

Tip #12 – Leave Yourself Notes

Leaving yourself encouraging notes in places that you often look can make you feel better about yourself. Writing encouraging notes to yourself can help to remind you that you can do it and make it through whatever challenges that life throws in your direction.

Tip #13 – Track Your Progress

When your list of to-dos seems longer than what you have completed, take a moment and think of everything that you’ve accomplished during a certain period. While you may not be where you wanted to be at that moment, you need to remind yourself that you completed some of your tasks. Giving yourself that small pat on the back will help to keep you motivated and help you to continue with whatever tasks you still need to complete.

Tip #14 – Make Small Goals

It is extremely easy to feel overwhelmed when you set your standards and your goals too high. Setting small and attainable goals from the start will help you stay motivated when you reach them so that you can move on to the next step. When you set your goals too high, to begin with, you can become discouraged too easily and feel overwhelmed.

Tip #15 – Work on One Project at a Time

You may think that multitasking is a good idea until you realize you have unfinished projects on your list. Not only do you still have to complete each of the projects, but it makes you feel like you can’t even achieve one. To keep your motivation, you need to focus completely on finishing one project at a time, seeing it through to the end before you begin the next one. Not only will this keep your motivation because you’ve achieved what you set out to do, but you will become more productive.

Tip #16 – Turn to Others

Those around you can be great resources when it comes to finding your motivation. Find some supportive friends and family who can help you achieve your overall goal and provide you with the motivation you need when the going gets tough.

Tip #17 – Clear Your Mind

When you start to feel completely overwhelmed, it’s best to step away from the situation and take a deep breath. Allow your mind to relax and clear itself from the stress that it might be currently experiencing. Going into something with a clear mind will provide you with the fresh perspective that you need to help you stay motivated and productive.

Tip #18 – Think of Things the Energize You

If you lack energy, you can think about things that energize and motivate you to give you the necessary boost to get moving.

Using whatever the thought is that will drive you, allow it to replay through your mind over and over again as you pursue the not so pleasant tasks that you might be facing when you’re less than motivated and lack energy.

Tip #19 – Listen to Upbeat Music

Music has the uncanny ability to dictate your moods. Upbeat and positive music can help you get going when you have low motivation. Try finding upbeat music that you like to listen to and play them when you lack energy and motivation and see if they won’t have a positive effect on your motivation and energy.

Tip #20 – Find Your Mantra

A mantra doesn’t have to be long; it just has to get you excited. When you lack energy and feel unmotivated, it’s those few words that remind you what matters to you and get you to take action toward achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Chapter Two – Tips for Building Your Self- Discipline

People who are more self-disciplined tend to be more successful in their lives and are better able to accomplish whatever they put their minds to. Sometimes it can be tough to keep yourself in line. Everyone has their temptations and vices that can cause them to stray from their ultimate goals.

However, having self-discipline will help you to define your limits and know when you’re getting off track with your goals and expectations. So, if you find that you have no self-discipline, you

need to try and find ways to build that discipline and keep it strong whenever you see an opportunity to stray.

Tip #21 – Plan a Routine

Developing a plan and sticking with it is a great way to keep yourself disciplined. Taking the time to have a set routine and sticking with it on a regular basis can help keep you in line and keep yourself motivated throughout the day. It will take some time to get a productive routine down, but once you have it, it’s a quick way for you to ensure that you are disciplined and able to stay motivated throughout the day.

Tip #22 – Keep to Your Routine

Unfortunately, life has a way of interrupting our plans, no matter how prepared we think we are. However, it’s how you handle these distractions that will ensure you find success.

So, when you see that something is interrupting your routine, work on getting past it as soon as possible, so you can get back to your routine and carry on as if the interruption never happened. When you can stick with your routine, you are more likely to keep the momentum of your day in high gear.

Tip #23 – Have the Same Routine Daily

It can be incredibly confusing if you change your routine too often. Have one routine and work towards keeping it consistent from day to day. A routine can help you continue a steady flow throughout your day. It might take a bit to get your routine in place, but once you do, you will get the driving force that will help propel you through your day.

Tip #24 – Set Specific Goals

Goals are an important part of your motivation. If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, then you’ll do nothing but walk around in circles. Having specific goals in place before you go for it will help you find your motivation so that you can reach those goals. By knowing what you want and what you can gain from the activity will give you the motivation to give it your all.

Tip #25 – Define Your Life to Fit Your Goals

Knowing what you want to accomplish is a good factor to motivate you to succeed in achieving it. Once you know exactly what you want and what goals you need to set out to achieve it, carefully structure your activities around those goals. This can be simply telling yourself that you want to be at this place at this specific time.

Tip #26 – Organize Your Day

Take a few minutes in the morning to organize your day. Organizing your day can help you stay productive and motivated throughout the day. There is nothing more discouraging than not being able to find what you need and having to waste valuable time looking for it. Taking a few minutes to plan ahead and organize how you want to spend your day can help to keep you on track.

Tip #27 – Utilize a Pinup Board

Hang a corkboard someplace where you’ll see it daily and pin your goals to it. Looking at your goals on a regular basis can help to rekindle lost motivation and get you back on track to pursuing them. This is an inexpensive and quick way to visually motivate yourself and keep you working toward accomplishing your goals.

Tip #28 – Talk Through Your Motions

When you talk through what you’re doing, you tend to pay better attention to what you’re doing. This can save you a ton of time because you won’t wander around aimlessly and forget what you wanted to do in the first place. When we are more aware of what we are doing, we tend to make each movement count.

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