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About The Authors
How To Position Yourself In The Market For Success
Introduction To Writing Copy
How To Research Your Copy
Steps 1 to 3 in Alex’s Proven Web Copy Formula
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How To Position Yourself In The Market For Success

My first question Alex is for those that don’t know you, could you tell us a little bit about your background please?

Sure. I started as an infomercial marketer, a television commercial marketer. And that was during the early 90’s, about 91, 92, when the infomercial business was flourishing.

The advertising rates on the cable stations, in the US, and even overseas in the UK and in Europe were more affordable and a little guy of maybe $40,000 – $50,000 budget could compete with the big guys, Fortune 500 companies, because they would buy the odd hour times between 1 AM to 6 AM because of a concept called the Isolation Factor which direct response guru Alvin Eicoff talks about.

When there’s a program you’re watching that you’re really not interested in, let’s say a B-Movie, then a commercial looks more interesting. So the best direct-response television spots whether it’s a 60 second, two minute, or a 30 minute infomercial … which is what I did, I wrote those spots as a copywriter, and I also took the winning spots infomercials and took them to QVC both overseas and domestically here in the United States as well as the Home Shopping Network.

We took them to print advertising such as Parade Magazine and USA Weekend in the States, as well as overseas catalogs and domestic catalogs and then finally into retail and some of the products included the Thigh Master, Ron Popeil’s Ronco Food Dehydrator, and many of his other products — The Contour Pillow which many folks may know of, that was in the early 90’s, the Doctor’s Book Of Home Remedies by Rodell Press, Time Life Books, we did a lot of videos with them, the Wild Animal Series, and Home Improvement Series and a host of others.

I learned the trade on television because it was so darn fast, and immediate, the responses were almost immediate. On QVC you would know within the first 5 minutes if anyone was interested in your offer, which is like catalog television.

So there I learned the trade of copy and direct marketing and I learned if you can soften the market through television and print advertising whether direct mail or catalog, and then ultimately retail, it would be a lot easier to do.

And direct marketers like Joe Sugarman and others, there’s very few people like him, he’s certainly one of the masters, he did the BluBlocker campaign of course with the BluBlocker sun glasses. Those types of offers worked best because they were direct marketing offers and the genesis of those offers started with master copywriters like a Joe Sugarman.

So what’s important to know, in this interview anyway, is that copy is like oxygen to a campaign, although there’s many elements to a great direct marketing campaign, copy is the oxygen and where I learned my trade is just by gathering books. I have over 2,000 rare books dating back to the 18,00’s.

Many people don’t realize that the first magazine ad was written by Benjamin Franklin in 1741, it was in his May issue of The General Magazine by Ben Franklin and from that point all the way to the present, I’ve collected virtually almost every book on advertising, copywriting and marketing and over the past 12 years I’ve helped my clients build over $200,000,000 in sales, through some of the techniques we’re going to talk about.

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