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Table of Contents

Introduction . 5
This Book Will Teach You The Following… 9
Chapter 1 – Figuring Out Which Goals To Set 13
What Do You Need to Do to Achieve These Objectives? …. 14
What Could Go Wrong? … 16
Figuring Out Your Goals .. 18
Set Realistic Goals 19
Chapter 2 – Set More Effective Goals By Incorporating Discipline-Building Elements .. 23
Prioritize Your Sub-goals . 23
Be as Clear About Your Sub-goals’ Parts as Possible … 24
Build Discipline by Making Your Highest Priority Sub-goal Your Primary Focus … 25
Chapter 3 – Use Daily Rituals to Fine Tune and Achieve Your Goals …. 27
Physical Rituals …. 28
Why Do Physical Rituals Work? .. 29
Mental Rituals Start Your Day Right . 30
Pre-task Mental Rituals … 33
Pre-sleep Ritual …. 36
Chapter 4 – Measure Your Success to Boost Your Motivation 38
Compare Yourself To Your Ideal Self In The Here And Now …. 40
Chapter 5 – Learn When To Scale Up . 42
The Optimal Way To Scale Up …. 43
Execute. Implement. Do it today. …. 44 You Can Do It!
What Does Mastery Mean? … 46
Conclusion – …. 47

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Now, it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that with such goals, it’s too easy to hit a wall. It’s too easy to think that you’re trying so hard and putting in so much time and effort and nothing seems to work. When you find yourself in that space, it’s not that difficult to start believing that you’re just not cut out for success. It’s very easy to get discouraged, and eventually, you give up.

As you probably already know, the only way to fail at anything in life is to quit. And that’s precisely what you’re setting yourself up for if you don’t know how to set up goals to be self-sustaining. At the very least, they have to be self-sustaining in terms of your discipline.

Third, I’m going to teach you how to use daily rituals to fine tune and achieve your goals. You have to understand that people are what they consistently do. People can talk a good game, other people might have all sorts of mistaken notions about them, however, their real character boils down to what they consistently do. In other words, it’s all about their rituals.

Believe it or not, you already have a set of rituals. You may not be aware of them, but they exist. What if I told you that you You Can Do It! could be achieving more with your life if you only chose to be a little bit more conscious of the rituals you engage in? These rituals have a direct and immediate impact on your performance on many different levels. At the very least, they can help or slow down the achievement of your goals.

Another thing that I will help you with involves measuring success. A lot of people sabotage themselves because they choose to measure their success in the wrong way. Now, it’s okay to measure your success in terms of ultimate measurements. For example, if you’re just starting a business, it’s okay to think from time to time about the millions of dollars you could be making. However, if you choose to only use ultimate measurements of success, you are just setting yourself up to lose your drive, motivation and passion in the here and now. Don’t be surprised if you get so discouraged and demotivated that you just give up. Sadly, people do this all the time. Finally, I will teach you about the signals you need to pay attention to that will clear you to scale up. Please understand that if you want to achieve any kind of success, you cannot stay at the same level. You might be doing things really well at that level, people might talk highly of you, but if you stay at that level and You Can Do It! you allow your comfort zone to define what is possible for you, you’re going to get stuck.

You might have started the process with all these hopes and dreams and grand visions, but let me tell you, they will all remain stuck in your head. Your waking reality is not going to measure up because you refuse to scale up. I’ll teach you how to do that. More precisely, I’ll teach you to detect the signals that would enable you to scale up.

Are you ready to begin?…

Let’s dive in! You Can Do It!

Chapter 1 – Figuring Out Which Goals To Set

First things first, be clear as to what your big objectives in life are. What are your ultimate objectives in life? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to build a legacy in the form of a company or an organization or school? Do you want to help a lot of people in the form of a charity? What are your big objectives in life?

Now, keep in mind that since this is personal in nature, there is really no such thing as a right or wrong answer. One person’s big objective is no better or worse than somebody else’s. After all, we come from different backgrounds and different families. We have different values and we definitely have different experiences. And all these differences add up to the way we look at the world and the way we choose our objectives. Focus on what objective makes most sense in your life and focus on the big ones. You Can Do It!

What Do You Need to Do to Achieve These Objectives?

Now that you’re clear as to what your big objectives are in life—and you shouldn’t hold yourself back when thinking these up—the next thing to think about is what you need to do. What kind of actions do you need to take to make these objectives a reality?

You probably already know that you can’t just simply hope and wish your objectives to materialize. The law of attraction does work, but it only works when there is action involved. You can’t simply just mentally imagine certain things happening and refuse to lift a finger. Don’t be surprised if nothing happens when you refuse to lift a finger.

There has to be some sort of objective change in the way you think as well as the way you talk and act for your desired reality to happen. Accordingly, focus on what you need to do to achieve these objectives. You Can Do It!

I started you off with the big objectives in your life because I want you to get pumped up about the ultimate reward. When you look at the big rewards at the end, you can then start tracing back to where you are today. If your ultimate objective is to live in a $10 million mansion in the nice part of town, start with the vision of you living in that mansion. Allow yourself to feel good. Allow yourself to feel pumped up and excited about that reality.

Next, start tracing back in terms of the actions you took from that point to where you are now. You need to do this so you can remain focused on the big objective and maintain the right level of motivation. However, more importantly, you need to do this backwards progression to create a map in your mind. You end up seeing the clear logical conclusion between the things you need to do in the here and now to achieve a certain future.

While we could have easily projected from now to the future, you’re more likely to get pumped up and excited when we start the discussion with the reward first. Regardless of how you do it, you should have a rough idea of the clear logical conclusion between the things that you need to do now and the kind of life you could be enjoying in the future. You Can Do It!

What Could Go Wrong?

Now that I have taught you about focusing on your ultimate objectives first and then tracing back, what’s the point? Couldn’t you just have done it the same way, but projecting from now to the future?

Well, you could do that. And that’s exactly how many people choose to go about it. The problem is, they end up going around in circles. They really do. It’s as if they’re just chasing their tails. Day in, day out, they put in all sorts of effort, they try to focus, but nothing seems to happen because they just end up where they began.

The reason for this is they lack purpose. The idea that they have seems so fuzzy because it’s projected into the future. It’s too easy for them to get sucked up by the trials and tribulations of their life in the here and now. In fact, if you ask a lot of people who are working hard for a “future,” many of them simply lack purpose. They really do. You Can Do It!

They know that they need to make a change, but they don’t know what kind of change. They know that they want a good future for them or “more money” or more opportunities, but they can’t quite put their finger on it. This lack of clarity and ultimate purpose clouds people’s goal setting activities. They lack a clear view of why. It is no surprise then that even if they know what to do or how to do it, nothing seems to work. At the very least, they’re settling for mediocrity.

The reason for this is simple. Without a clear view of “why,” it wouldn’t matter if you know what to do or how to do it. You have to focus on purpose. Is your purpose strong enough to push you through all the hassles, challenges and setbacks you are bound to encounter? Is your purpose appealing enough so that you would want to change and overcome your negative mental and emotional habits that get in the way? That’s how important purpose is, and this is why I taught you to focus on your big objectives in life first.

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