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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Ego and Living In The Here And Now
Chapter 2:
Check Your Emotions
Chapter 3:
Clean It Up
Chapter 4:
Tune In, Up And Interrogate
Chapter 5:
Listen And Discover

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Your body is your sanctuary. If you don’t attend to the sanctuary, the sanctuary get to be weak and then it finally breaks down. The way your body feels will impact your brain and mood, and your total outlook on life. But likewise, the way you feel mentally may impact your mood and your body. It truly is a two way street.

Take Care

So just suppose if you attended to both your brain AND body at the same time. Both avenues would be open and clear. Your energy and vitality would peek and you’d most likely experience a sense of happiness and freedom.

A lot of the various steps or doctrines in living Zen are centered on your mind, and your thinking. However what good does that do if all you do is sit around and crunch on chips all day and begin inflating your weight, have diabetes kick down, and merely lose all kinds of energy? It’s senseless.

If you wish to live Zen and live a life of freedom and happiness, you have to not only center on your brain…but your beautiful body (as it is, simply the way it is).

Work out, exercise, get going, sweat, play sports you like, go for walks in peaceful localities, try yoga, do pushups, or ride your bicycle down that cool trail in the park. The point is, merely get your body going and do it frequently.

The advantages of exercise are numerous and I’m sure you’ve read all about them so there’s no need for me to tell you the “Why’s” of how come you need to get moving around. Simply do it.

But in addition to moving around and getting exercise every day (or at any rate every other day)…you likewise have to master this… DOING ZIP. By this I mean really doing zip. This means sitting motionless, no television set, no distractions, and being draped in pure silence. Merely sit there, take a breath fully, and put your focus on the cycle and sensation of your breathing.

Rehearse sitting in silence. Shut your eyes. Center on your breathing. When you begin to think, merely label your thoughts mentally as “thinking” and bring your cognizance back to the sensation of taking a breath. Do this daily.

This is meditation at its most very basic and it will alter your life.

In summary…move about (exercise) frequently, and do zip (meditate) frequently.

Fearfulness. What a filthy and useless thing it is. We all have it and we all live by it every single day. A few of us are lead by it more than other people.

If you consider it, fear is even less substantial than a puff of smoke. A puff of smoke is right there before your eyes but soon passes. Fear on the other hand is un-seeable, yet it appears to rule our lives in so many ways. So why would you let something that’s not tangible or real dominate your world?

What you truly fear isn’t fear; it’s your visual sense of the time to come in terms of mental images, or “What If’s.” It’s all fictitious evidence or images in your brain and imagination. Fear is 100% future tense based. In a lot of cases, our biggest fears are taking something from our past, a preceding memory, and projecting it onto something in the future tense. For instance, in your past you might have had a bad auto accident, and now each time you drive, you’re frightened it will repeat.

You’re mentally projecting your past tense into your imaginable future tense. So the question now persists…“How does one overpower fearfulness?”

Well, it isn’t easy and you’ll never become 100% unafraid. But what you are able to do is greatly cut down your biggest fears and when you do so, it will open your life. You’ll lead a more “Zen” life, and savor more happiness.

What you have to accomplish is face down your fearfulness. You have to dispute it. When you are able to shine light on the dark of fear, it will no more live. You are able to accomplish this by either confronting the fear head on or by taking little steps toward overcoming it. The primary thing is you move onward towards it.

View your fear and ask yourself, “What is the sorriest thing that may occur?” Then, take your answer and examine it. Is it truly that bad? Is it truly the end of the world?

Finally, once you’ve seen or worked out what the sorriest thing is that may occur, work out a way you’ll deal with that if it does occur.

Do that and you’ll do away with the majority of your concerns.

By looking your fears in the eyeball (by questioning them and seeing them through to the finish)…. they become less of a menace to you.

Your fearfulness that was once a huge ominous monster is now a weak second thought.


You’ve a built-in piloting system in your life that will maneuver you in the correct direction. A lot of individuals refer to it as your “gut instinct” or “gut feeling.” The trouble when we’re not living Zen is we’re not listening to our inner pilot, our navigator.


There are individuals that have tapped into their inner pilot and have it effortlessly pilot their lives. Yeah, they still encounter bumps in the road just like everybody, but it’s how they ricochet OFF those roads in the correct direction that’s crucial. I’m sure you know these sorts of individuals; they’re the ones who appear to have everything going correctly in their lives, the “lucky” ones, and so forth.

The fact is they’re not lucky, they simply have learned to tap into the right navigation inside that puts them into a life of flow. They’re the one’s who tend to bring in admirers at the drop of a hat, produce revenue while doing something they’re passionate about, or merely trip upon that million dollar “Why didn’t I think about that!” idea.

The great thing about all this is that you are able to tap into this flow and piloting…if you listen for it and most of all, sense it.

So how precisely do we tap into our inner pilot?

Firstly we must become quiet during the bedlam of the storm of life. This implies becoming silent, becoming cognizant of your environment, and being present. 2nd, you have to learn to feel and listen to what your body senses are telling you when you pose a crucial question to it, or if you’re in the middle of a huge decision.

The most elementary and simplest way to know if you’re making a correct decision in your life, or if you’re headed in the correct direction, is to ask yourself this solitary question…

“Does this step in my life make me feel weighed down and squeezed…? Or does it make me feel lighter and free?” The purpose of life is to be glad. It truly is that easy. A lot of us endeavor to make a million bucks, make the perfect body and physique, or to climb the corporate latter so we may at last make enough income to purchase that holiday home near the seashore.

However as you might have learned (and this is likely just a reminder), the things that make us the most pleased are commonly free of charge and little.

I challenge you to discover “small ecstasy” in your life. This means, discover little things that are free of charge that afford you great pleasure and satisfaction. The simple things.

Don’t wait for a life solely filled up with 3-4 huge happy life moments. Produce a life with 1000s of little ones to fill out the gaps.

Learn to paint. Take drives at dusk. Reflect. Sit in the local park and watch youngsters play as the sun falls on your skin. Tell jokes to acquaintances. Give somebody an earnest hug. Write a book. Make a blog and produce a community. Do yoga. Make love. Create cookies. Take a walk on a frigid winter night and savor the silence. Soak in a bubble bath like you did as a youngster. Fish. Ride your bicycle down fresh trails. Establish a garden and watch it develop and produce fresh fruit and vegetables. Sculpt. Take photos. Learn how to play guitar…The openings are endless!

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