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First Things First
How Much Exercise Do You Need?
Basics of Fitness
Resistance Training
How to Combat Fatigue
Walking Costs Nothing
Beginner Fitness Program
Intermediate Fitness Program
Advanced Fitness Program
Workout Gear
Exercise Guide
Fitness and Nutrition
Exercise and Your Health
Sport Training
Inexpensive Equipment

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First Things First

First things first: Motivation for a home fitness program

The modern lifestyle each person has to contend with has resulted in quite a number of problems affecting both mental and physical health. People live their lives with only one goal in mind and that is to produce more, earn more and consume more.

This has resulted in serious problems with the way people live their lives including the way they choose the food that they eat as well as their daily physical activities.

People are so busy that they find it more practical to eat frozen food or fast food instead of cooking sumptuous and healthy meals.  People are so caught up with their jobs that they no longer have much time for walking or for simple physical activities like a game of tennis or riding a bike.

A person who has weight problems should consider incorporating his physical activities with his work or schedule.  It is not easy to maintain a good fitness program but he has to prioritize first things first.

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