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Guide them through the process

The member will feel comfortable knowing that someone is there for guidance. A good introductory video of what the membership is all about and the people behind it will be very soothing for any new member and keep them coming back.

Set Expectations Immediately…

Once the introduction is done, the first level of comfort has been given to the new member. Now it is very important to keep the enthusiasm up. For that you need to set expectations.

This is very important because loss of enthusiasm is as bad as is overenthusiasm, and both will lead to a drop in membership.

Give them a map to follow

For increased membership retention, the key element is to set expectations to avoid disappointment.

Show your new members a few success stories and model examples. This will help them understand the kind of expectations they can have by being a member of your site.
Explain The Perks Of Being A Member.

Member benefits are the reason why the member joined in the first place. You might have done well to explain what the benefits are in advance. Still, reiterate all of it once again. Never think that repetition is going to be boring.

For new members, this the first time they are hearing everything after signing up. So it is more authoritative, as far as they are considered.

Keep things benefit-driven

Again, if there are 10 benefits, maybe three or four might have piqued a person’s interest at the time of joining. After joining, a member might pay extra attention to all the benefits and might feel a wow factor on hearing the entire list.

Also mention additional benefits that are indirect, like getting involved in a community, making new friends, and so on. Being realistic is the key to better increase your membership retention.

The first interaction is crucial

However small the first benefit of being a member is—be it a payment transferred, the actual special content received, or a gift, is very crucial.

It is human nature to feel, believe, and have confidence and comfort of reliability.

So it is very important to state the exact timing or position for the first receivable benefit new members will receive.

This gives enormous confidence and feel of reliability for the new members. Also, this throws in an element of transparency. Members might feel this whole activity as more trustworthy and know they’ve come to the right place.

The key is retention, and the feeling of trustworthiness and value of the site are the most important factors contributing to the increased membership retention.
Help Them Enjoy Their Experience!

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

You might have heard this saying before, and now is the time to apply it to your online membership site. Being too serious and activity-oriented makes the site a monotonous affair, and the members gradually will start losing interest, leading to a drop in members.

Set a relaxing tone

Give the feel of relaxation and enjoyment too at this stage. Use a bit more personal tone while explaining things and creating videos. This will avoid the serious tone and will give a comfortable feel to new members.

It is very important to use a casual tone, as the new member can be a bit nervous. It is important to bring in an element of a relaxed mood.

Keeping Your Members From The Start…

Also, give members the feel that there are plenty of moments ahead that are quite enjoyable and valuable.

Give Clear Cost Instructions

The last step is to give a crisp and clear idea on the site’s payment process well in advance.

Payment includes all the transactions from and to the member. A clear idea on this front will make the new member feel confident in the membership. Also, he or she will not carry false expectations that may lead to disappointment later. This is the key to have better retention rates.

These tips are general guidelines of how to keep a newly joined member active and continue with the membership for a longer period of time. The real factor, however, depends on the activity of the online membership site.

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