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Table of Contents

Introduction .. 5
Chapter 1 – Why Membership Sites are So Lucrative …… 9
Chapter 2 – How Membership Sites Work ..13
Find Ways to Connect with Your Members ..14
Let Members Post Content, Moderate, and Enjoy ……14
If You Don’t Have Any Activity on Your Membership Site ..16
How to Sell Your Membership Site for Big Money ……16
Chapter 3 – How to Research for the Right Niche ….20
Be Sure About Your Product …21
Don’t Try to Be Everything to Everyone 23
Identify Your Market .24
Adjust Your Marketing Strategy …..25
Determining Your Primary Content 25
Developing an Exit Strategy ….26
Chapter 4 – Top Membership Platforms to Use .27
MemberPress ….28
Wild Apricot 29
DigitalAccessPass ….30
SubHub ……31
WishList Member ……32
aMember ….33
Memberful ..34
MemberMouse ..35
Chapter 5 – Setting Up Your First Membership Site and Determining Your Payment Method ……37
Get a Domain Name for Your Membership Site ..38
Get Hosting for Your Site .39
Get Membership Software ……40
Installing Your Membership Site Software ….41
Choose Your Payment Method ……42
Chapter 6 – Putting Together Content .45
Content Management ……46
Match Content to Your Members …50
Content Ideas ….51
Chapter 7 – How to Get a High Page Rank For Search Traffic ……54
Chapter 8 – Strategies for Getting and Keeping Members ….57
Generating Traffic …..58
How to Keep Your Members …60
Chapter 9 – Tips to Triple Your Success ….63
Conclusion ..66

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Chapter 2 – How Membership Sites Work

Unlike websites that don’t charge a fee for its members to access the valuable information contained within, membership sites don’t usually accept any advertising. Without the money from advertisers, the bulk of a site’s income comes from the members. This is an indication that a successful membership site needs to put its efforts into providing a user experience that each member will enjoy.

When starting your first membership site, you need to figure out how you can develop the skills you need to convince new members to join your online community. There are several ways that you can do this.

Find Ways to Connect with Your Members

One of the primary reasons that people will join a membership site is to build relationships with other people who have similar interests. For example, match-making and dating websites are big business because members share information through their profiles, pictures, forum posts, and other members are able to connect with them, either through comments they leave or through private messages they send. On the other end of the spectrum are jobs database websites where companies and job seekers can reach out to each other and trade their curricula vitae.

To connect with your members, you will need provide them a way to introduce themselves and communicate with the other members of your site. Many of the membership sites on the Internet today provide multiple channels for communications that can appeal to almost any kind of member. Determining the kind of platform you will use for communication on your site will bring you half way to completing the job of connecting with your members.

Let Members Post Content, Moderate, and Enjoy

Membership websites tend to be a bit more expensive to start and maintain as opposed to other types of websites. Establishing a competent system for content management will enable you to better enjoy the many excellent income opportunities available.

The most successful membership sites have learned how to integrate pages upon pages of useful and value added content with user forums that allow the burgeoning membership base to get together online. These forums allow people with similar interests to communicate with each other, share new discoveries, and participate in constructive discussions on matters that are close to their hearts.

In the early stages of your membership site’s life, you will need to be the one who starts and suggests topics, and invite your current member list to join in on the discussion. As soon as the conversation heats up, you can afford to be more loose with your participation and become more hands-off in the process.

If your members are already comfortable with contacting and speaking with each other, they will be much more likely to participate in the existing discussions. If you establish a forum section on your website, you will need to moderate the discussions taking place and deal with any so-called “trolls” who like nothing better than to disrupt discussion and make fun of other members. If you have issues with “trolls” it is important that you take care of the problem immediately, and remove them from your site. If they are allowed to continue to disrupt discussions and make fun of your other members, you will begin to see a quick exodus of your membership base.

If You Don’t Have Any Activity on Your Membership Site

If you don’t have any activity on your membership site, you might as well not have a website at all. If your site fails to keep its membership base, then you will be less likely to be able to draw new people into registering for your services.

Some of the more popular dating websites will offer potential members free weekends, while others will offer free weeks. If you need to offer a free trial membership to attract new members, don’t be afraid to do just that. If you want your website to survive and grow, you will need to attract new members. With a free trial, potential new paying members will get to see that your membership website in fact focuses on the user experience, and will allow them to see that the information you are providing will add value to their lives.

How to Sell Your Membership Site for Big Money

Over the last several years, internet marketing has become a booming industry, with a yearly turnover in the millions of dollars. If you are looking to get into the internet marketing business and set up your own membership site, here are a few ways that you can get the money to come in.

Selling One’s Own Products

Sometimes, those who have mastered the business of Internet marketing get sick and tired of working at physical businesses and want to just sell their products online. It’s not wholly inconceivable that a successful business person with a tried and tested Internet marketing system would be able to introduce products that replicate their success.

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