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Table Of Contents

• Introduction To Affiliate Recruiting
• Easy Systems for Setting up Joint Ventures
• Affiliate Tools You’ll Need
• Where The Super Affiliates Hide
• Making & Keeping Your Affiliates Happy
• Contests and How to Use Them to Your Advantage
• The Magic of Rewarding Affiliates for Performance
• Motivating Affiliates on a Regular Basis
• Two-tiers for Maximum Growth & Snowballing
• Creating a Living, Breathing Business
• Resources

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Introduction To Affiliate Recruiting

Affiliate programs are the way the Internet is doing business. Affiliate networks are growing at an exponential rate as more website owners realize the potential for business growth and word of mouth publicity for their websites.

Affiliates use their site’s traffic to increase their own revenue as well as increasing the sales for the site they are affiliated with. The affiliate’s website will have a link or ad that can be clicked through to the website offering the items or services.

The affiliate is paid either per click through or by a percentage of the sales made by the people who clicked through. This win-win situation can be cultivated with the right affiliate recruiting methods. Recruiting is the process of finding quality affiliates who will bring traffic to your website and spread your company’s name.

To find affiliates who have traffic of their own and will drive the right kind of traffic to your website, the key is the recruiting process used to find the affiliates.

Recruiting affiliates is not a simple matter of chance and it is not something that should be done in the simplest possible method to attract the maximum number of responses. Having a poor quality of affiliates can negatively affect your site’s reputation, as well as wasting your time and energy.

An effective affiliate program vastly increases the amount of publicity the website receives, increasing page views and building a name for the site and its goods or services. Affiliates will go on to recruit other affiliates, further spreading the word about the website and the items it sells. Affiliates who are recruited in a questionable manner may then recruit others in a questionable manner, rendering the publicity that the program generates a negative publicity.

And, negative recruiting methods can cause problems that go beyond just a matter of the site’s reputation.

Affiliate recruiting is something that should be done legitimately, through legal means. This means avoiding spam, unlawful telemarketing, filling up irrelevant message boards with your information, etc.

There are many legitimate ways to recruit affiliates that will not be seen as harassment or as an annoyance and will garner a better reputation for your site. A site with a good reputation is more likely to attract quality affiliates.

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