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The History of Wrestling
Defining Different Wrestling Styles
Exploring High School Wrestling
College Wrestling
Amateur Wrestling
Professional Wrestling
Olympic Wrestling
Wrestling Gear
Wrestling Basics
Escapes & Reversals
Breakdowns, Rides and Pinning Combos
Freestyle Turns

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The History of Wrestling

Almost everyone has his or her own memories of watching wrestling on television. Viewing this sport can be gruesome especially for those who couldn’t bear the thought and the sight of people being tossed around like furniture. Well, wrestling can be that and more so anyone who doesn’t have a tough stomach should think twice before watching wrestling.

People who don’t have a tough stomach for the throwing and the bumping of burly and big people inside the ring still watch wrestling because of the excitement characterized by the sport. While watching human beings being tossed around like salad, one wonders about how wrestling became a manifestation of man’s innate animalism.

History will show that the wrestling we regularly witness on television now is even less violent than the original wrestling hundreds, even thousands, of years ago. Wrestling was earlier used to train military personnel so the muscle development is understandable.

Depending on the point of view of a person, he can either thank or curse the Greeks for making wrestling popular. As an event in the Olympics, wrestling was a much more violent and heart stopping sport. Blame it on man’s penchant for what hurts but wrestling became a familiar sport all over the world including Japan, which popularized their own brand of wrestling as well as China and even the Arab world.

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