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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Workshop Basics

Chapter 2:
Define Goals

Chapter 3:
Determine Attendees And Location

Chapter 4:
Create Agenda And Follow Up Plan

Chapter 5:
Get People Involved During The Workshop

Chapter 6:
Let Your Creativity Shine

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Chapter 1:

Workshop Basics


Before the workshop it is necessary that the organization have a clear goal – is the workshop being run as a team building exercise or a training activity? Decisions must then be made as to who will attend. Knowing exactly who will attend directly relates to the objective.

The Basics

To be successful the choice of the location for the workshop must be right. The size of the group attending will determine the type of facility to be looked for.

Thought needs to go to the logistics and practical details of the workshop such as the visibility of any visual aids and whether or not the location can support any technology that might have to be used.

Consideration needs to be given to organizing accommodation for people attending from afar, the catering facilities provided and if the venue has appropriate spaces available for breakout sessions.

Once the primary objective and attendees have been ascertained it will be necessary to develop outlines of how to achieve the workshop goal.

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