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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing Email Marketing
1.1The Evolution Of Email Marketing
1.2 Writing Powerful Emails – How Vital Is It To Your Business?
Chapter 2: What To Do Before Getting Started Writing Your First Email
2.1 The Single Most Important Purpose of Your Email
2.2 What You Need to Know Before Writing Your Email
2.3 Tools You Absolutely Must Have
2.4 Several Types of Promo Emails You Can Write
Chapter 3: Creating Your All-Important Email Subject Line
3.1 The Purpose Behind Your Subject Line
3.2 What Makes an Attention-Grabbing Subject Line?
3.3 Examples of Powerful Subject Lines that Work
Chapter 4: The Vital Components Of The Email Body
4.1 Making Your Opening Email Catchy
4.2 Composing the Body of Your Email Copy
4.3 Important Tips on Getting Your Email Read
4.4 Moving Your Reader To Take Action
4.5 How to Write Powerful Post Scripts
Chapter 5: Conclusion – Avoiding Mistakes & Helpful Tips & Examples
5.1 Common Mistakes People Make when Writing Promo Emails
5.2 More Tips on Getting Your Email Read & Followed Through
A Few Examples of Promo Emails That Work Well

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Chapter 1: Introducing Email Marketing

1.1The Evolution Of Email Marketing

Email marketing has come a long way since the way-back days when the first email was sent out. This chapter is a very concise “history” of emailing right up to today, where we now use email as a vital marketing tool.

Since that fateful day in late November or early December of 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email using a ARPANET (the predecessor of what we know as the Internet today), email has definitely changed… a lot.

The email that Ray Tomlinson sent was sent to himself. It has been reported that the message was “QWERTYUIOP” but he says that it was more likely to have been ‘testing 1 2 3 4”. It might have been the first email sent and possibly the last one that wasn’t a marketing email. 

Not really, of course but email is the primary communication choice of individuals and businesses world wide.

It became too popular for its own good. Everybody who had anything at all to sell or any message they wanted to promote discoved mass marketing email. Soon inboxes all over the world were overflowing with unsolicited marketing emails which came to be called “SPAM”.

In 2003 the problem of SPAM had become so big and so intrusive that the Congress of the Untied States passed the CAN-SPAM Act.

It became the law of the land in January of 2004. CAN-SPAM is an acronym for Controling the Assult of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing.

The CAN-SPAM Act defines SPAM as unsolicited bulk email. Bulk email isn’t SPAM and neither is unsolicited email. To meet the definition requirements of SPAM in the CAN-SPAM Act, email must be both bulk and unsolicited.

The CAN-SPAM Act made it illegal for businesses to send bulk marketing emails to people who had not agreed to receive them. The opt-in list was born of the necessity to gain that agreement.

The opt-in list is the backbone of email marketing today and opt-in list building techniques are possibly the most discussed subject among affiliate marketers.

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