Weight Loss Cash Bonanza V3 Resale Rights Ebook With Video

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Table of Contents

Introduction 5
Motivation & Mindset 9
Visualization 9
Self Hypnosis 14
Find Something Better To Do! 22
NLP 22
Anchoring 26
Anchoring That New Habit 29
Fat Free Food 33
Healthy Sources of Fat 38
Healthy Sources of Carbohydrate 38
Healthy Sources of Protein 39
Keeping The GI Low 40
Eating Right 46
4 Day Kick-Start 47
Smoothie Recipes 52
Eating Right – Next Steps 57
Eating Plans 57
Snacks 63
Healthy Recipes 66
Healthy Cooking Tips 79
Fat Burning Workouts 83
Working Out Your Heart Rate 85
So What Sort Of Cardio Should I Do? 86
Exercise Sheet 92
Basic Routine 93
Warm Up 94
All Over Workout 101
Cool Down 112
Conclusion 120

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I know – you’ve tried everything. Every diet and exercise plan going. At first, everything goes great. You plunge in, full of determination that this time it’s going to be different.

You might even try a little too hard at first and end up with off-putting aches and pains. Or you may grow impatient with your progress and feel that you’re not shaping up quickly enough.

The doubts begin to grow or boredom sets in. Pretty soon you’re back right where you started or, worse, you’ve actually gained a few pounds.

Want to know why? It’s because you didn’t get your motivation right from the start. You see, every change we make in our lives needs to carefully set up or we end up sabotaging ourselves.

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