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Table Of Contents

I. Opening
II. About the Author
III. Introduction
IV. Formatting Suggestions
V. Product
VI. Prospects
VII. Passion
VIII. Headlines
1. EzMoney With Ezines by Gauher Chaudry
2. Make Your Words Sell by Joe Robson (Dr. Ken Evoy)
3. The Free Advertising System by Jimmy D. Brown
4. 33 Days to Online Profits by Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards (Yanik
5. Paperless Newsletter by Monique Harris and Terry Dean
6. Internet Success Diamonds by Neil Shearing
7. Great Headlines Instantly by Robert Boduch
IX. The Product Story/Body/Explanation
1. Amazing Pop UPs by Jonathan Mizel
2. Make Your Net Auctions Sell by Sydney Johnston (Dr. Ken Evoy)
3. Net Breakthroughs by Terry Dean
4. Killer Covers by Vaughan Davidson
5. Adminder by Sam Robbins
6. How to Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters and Web Marketing
Pieces that Sell Like Crazy by Collin Almeida
7. Psychological Triggers by Joseph Sugarman (Mark Joyner)
8. Net Profits by Declan Dunn
X. Bullet Benefits
1. Online Marketing Newsletter by Jonathan Mizel
2. Secrets to Creating Killer Net Ads by Bob Silber
3. Advanced Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale (Mark Joyner)
XI. What You Get and Bonuses
1. The Ultimate Milllion-Dollar Idea Generator by Jeff Gardner
2. Make Your Knowledge Sell by Monique Harris (Dr. Ken Evoy)
3. Profits Vault by Jimmy D. Brown
4. Ezine Tactics by Lee Benson
5. Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy by Dirk Dupon
XII. Testimonials
1. Banner Ad Magic by Scott Covert
2. The Internet X-Factor by Terry Dean
3. Internet Success Blueprint by Neil Shearing
4. Top Ezine Ads by Jerome Chapman
5. Instant Sales Letters by Yanik Silver
6. How to Write Your Own eBook in 7 Days by Joe Vitale and Jim
XIII. Guarantee
1. Conversations with Millionaires by Mike Litman & Jason Oman
2. How to Double Your Small Business Sales in 20 Minutes a Day
with Follow-Up Marketing by Kevin Donlin
3. Anatomy of a Marketing Roll Out by Jonathan Mizel
4. Internet Success Spider by Neil Shearing
XIV. Call to Action
1. Minisites Profits by Phil Wiley
2. Writer’s Friend by Collin Almeida
XV. P.S.
1. Classified Magic by Robert D. Boduch
2. Instant Internet Profits by Yanik Silver
XVI. More Examples and Copywriting Resources
XVII. Get Your Own Personal Unique Gold Edition of Web
Sales Letters Supreme

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Introduction — Get Started!

“You’re just one good web sales letter away from a million dollars.”

Actually, famous copywriter Ted Nicholas (who has made many millions of dollars) didn’t say “*web* sales letter.” The Internet didn’t exist when he started making his direct marketing millions.

You want to sell more of your products and services on the Internet, am I right?

Sure I am, or you’d be a chat room right now.

Odds are, many of you have so far failed to sell much at all of your products and services.

Whether you have a 500 page content rich site or a stripped down to the barest essentials minisite, what you need is a web sales letter that *makes the sale.*


If you can talk, you can write a web sales letter. You don’t have to know any secret ways of putting words together — just keep them one after the other 🙂

The trick to learning how to write web sales letters or anything else is to learn the *structure.*

That’s what this book will teach you — the pieces of web sales letters plus the principles that make them work.

As you’ll see, a lot of it is common sense. Not rocket science or brain surgery.

What is advertising/marketing? According to an old time copywriter named John E. Kennedy:

“Advertising is salesmanship in print.”

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