Web Hosting Fine Prints Danger Zone MRR Ebook

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Table Of Contents

1 Salutation
2 Foreword
3 What is a Fine Print?
4 Your Web Host’s Fine Print
5 Did you really sign it?
6 Review of Top Webhosts’ TOS & AUPs
7 Important Notes
8 Fine Print Detection
9 Mitigating Risks
10 7 Ways to Protect You Against Risks of Loss
11 Conclusion
12 Special Announcements

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Dear Webmaster Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to download our special report entitled “Webhosting Fine Prints Danger Zone”.

We appreciate that you feel it is important for you to know the dangers that those contractual fine prints pose to you and your online presence.

As more and more people are entering the webhosting business, more and more customers are finding out that webhosting services are getting cheaper and cheaper everyday. It’s a good stuff for today’s webmasters as well as those future website owners. But this also has brought great risks to the hosting consumers.

While it is true that cheap may not mean that much to the average Joe nowadays, most of these consumers are exposed to what we now call “fine print tolerance syndrome”. The repercussion of this is serious.

This behavior happens when, upon scanning a seemingly typical long terms and conditions page (as presented in those long and boring contracts), we just simply ignore the contents, click the “Agree” button and proceed to purchase or enter into an agreement with the other party without even understanding the first page of the document.

It is worthwhile to mention that while this is done most often out of convenience (and sometimes necessity), the consumer’s rights is given away without them knowing it. Unaware of their contractual obligations and what recourse each party can avail of in times of dispute, the ignorant party’s rights are in danger. Like the danger of losing their precious websites without recourse.

As the title implies, the purpose of this special report is to make you become aware of the dangers of not reading those fine print online (and maybe you can apply it to offline as well). We have to remind everyone of the need to exercise diligence in reading those small letters that can wipe your rights to have a good fight in case of problems. This has happened to us so we know.

And of course, you are about to learn what you can do today that can help you mitigate those risks of tomorrow if not eliminate them totally.

So take a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the good read. After you finished reading this, you will never look the same at those boring and time-consuming contractual fine prints again.

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