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Table Of Contents

Why Walking is Healthy
Walking and Metabolic Fitness
Dog Lovers and Walking
Warming Up and Cooling Down
Fitness Exercises and Walking
Walking in the Snow
The Benefits of using Poles
Walking in Snowshoes
Cross Country Walking on Skis
How to Set Goals and Meet Them
Why Keeping a Log is Important
Walking for the Ages
Using a Pedometer
Clothing – Dress for Walking
Building Motivation

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Why Walking is Healthy

Healthy Walk…Healthy Life

Are you still in doubt? Well you should not be anymore! Walking is definitely good for the body, reiterating all the doctors have been saying; walking is a good form of exercise. As one doctor implied, it is an activity that is near perfection and the good thing about it? It’s totally free! All you have to invest is your two legs and a good pair of shoes or slippers.

Workers, students, children and adults are encouraged to walk. Among employees, walking is a great way of including a simple exercise in their daily routine. For employers’ part, walking can help cut expenses because it can save parking space for cars.

According to a survey conducted in Britain, 2.6 million people or 10.8% are walking from work.  Students and children are persuaded to walk not only for health purposes but to increase their self-confidence and independence.

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