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5 Simple Steps to Advertising Success on Facebook
Use Facebook Page to Drive Traffic to New Business
How to Use Facebook for Business
Grow Your Business Through Facebook Networking
Maximizing Your Facebook Page
Turning Facebook Ad into Business Success
Build Your Brand With Facebook
Using Contests and Freebies on Your Facebook Page
8 Tips for Mastering Facebook Marketing
5 Key Areas for Facebook Success
Do You Really Understand the Value of Facebook for Your Business?
Do You Know the Marketing Benefits of a Facebook Page?
Maximize Business Success Using Facebook
How to Create Your Facebook Business Page
Building a Powerful Facebook Presence
Learn the Secret to Successful Facebook Ads
Build Success for Your Business With Facebook Pages
How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign
Use Facebook Ads to Target Traffic

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5 Simple Steps to Advertising Success on Facebook

Currently Facebook has more than 400 million users and it is anticipated that by the end of 2012 that number will have reached a billion. If Facebook were a country it would be the third largest in the world – that really puts things into perspective now doesn’t it. That means that your ideal target consumer likely can be found in Facebook land. But you need to know how to find them, and that’s where we can help. Here are 5 simple steps to advertising success on Facebook.

1. Target Your Market

One of the powerful things about Facebook is that you can easily target who will see your ads using a number of different variables that include age, geography, gender, workplace, education, relationship status, demographics, etc. as well as keywords.

2. Attract Then Engage

You will have to make a decision about where you are going to direct people – it can be your website or your Facebook application, group, event, or page. What’s nice about Facebook ads that promote pages is that Facebook includes a drop down “Become a fan” option. People are not required to visit your page to take action. Facebook ads are an excellent tool to promote events, get new fans, promote content, build brand recognition, and go much deeper and build trust. The amount of space you have is small so make sure to use it smartly. You get 25 characters for the headline to grab attention and then 135 characters for the ad itself.

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