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Ultimate Solo Ads 2.0 Paul Nicholls

Hey, Paul here and thank you for purchasing Ultimate Solo Ads 2.0

I released the first version of ultimate solo ads just over a year ago and the feedback which I got was excellent so I decided to go out and do another case study where I give you my new best performing solo ads.

Before I give you my top 10 solo ad list I want to first say that the information which I am giving you has taken me a lot of effort, time and money into getting you these results.

What you may not know is that I actually purchased over 25 solo ads but because the results were so poor and the traffic was so bad I have of course not listed those in this list.

One thing you will realize in this solo ad list is I actually go into great detail about the results that I get from each solo ad. Most people will only ever tell you their opt in rate and how many subscribers they got for a solo ad but nothing else.

Just knowing the opt in rate or how many subscribers are generated is absolutely useless because the only number which is important or you need to be concerned about is how many sales are generated or how much money is made or lost from each solo ad.

That is the golden piece of information which is never usually given to you but in this solo ad report nothing is left out. I’m not only giving you lots more in depth statistics but I actually tell you where the sales have come from and how much I made or lost on each solo ad.

Please bare in mind that all of this data I give you are only the sales generated in the first 48 hours of the solo ad going out. I often make more sales days and sometimes weeks after the solo ad was purchased but to make things easier I have only accounted for the sales made in the early stages of buying the solo ad.

The solo ad world is very cut throat and you can easily lose money or get scammed but I have made it much easier for you and saved you a lot of time and money by giving you my ultimate solo ad list which are the best solo ad that I have purchased which not only send me quality traffic but also proven buyers.

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