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Table of Contents

Introduction: Why YouTube Stardom is the Perfect Way to Make it Big……………3
Chapter 1: What Will Your Channel Be About?….5
How to Find Your Niche……….7
Chapter 2: How to Make Money on YouTube….10
Advertising on YouTube…….11
Other Ways to Monetize YouTube…….12
Chapter 3: Equipment You Should Invest In…….14
Software and Materials……..19
Chapter 4: Your Workflow – Creating and Uploading Videos…………..21
Chapter 5: How to Make Videos Without Going In Front of the Camera………….27
Chapter 6: Top Tips to Create Amazing Videos That Go BIG31
Chapter 7: How to Help People Find Your Videos……………34
Chapter 8: Top Tips for Growing Your Following40
Closing Comments…44

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Chapter 1: What Will Your Channel Be About?

When creating pretty much any online business – whether it’s an affiliate marketing business, a blog or anything else – the first question you will often need to ask yourself is what it’s going to be about. Or to use the correct internet business parlance: what is your niche?

A niche is a subject matter that will appeal to a specific audience. An example of a niche would be ‘sewing’. Sewing is something that appeals largely to older women but also to a lot of younger women these days who are interested in arts and crafts. And of course some men like sewing too – let’s not stereotype here! Either way, most people are either interested in sewing or they are not – thus it has a niche appeal and gives you a specific target audience.

You can go even more niche if you like though and choose ‘crocheting’ or ‘bird sewing patterns’ but the ‘more niche’ you go, the more you narrow your audience.

Another example of a niche is fitness. Now fitness is a much larger niche because it will appeal to a huge proportion of the population. Nearly everyone will want to get fitter at some point in their lives. It’s still a very specific subject matter that will talk to a very specific type of person but it is a much broader niche.

When it comes to internet business, the key often boils down to finding the right niche. And this will often mean finding a niche that has a broad appeal while not being overly competitive. The problem with the health and fitness niche is that you’re going to be going up against a huge number of other channels. Some big names in this space include the Hodge Twins, Athlean-X,, Rob Riches and Eliot Hulse to name just a few.

Many of these channels have been around for many years and now have millions of subscribers and huge amounts of money to spend on marketing. That means that if you want to go up against them with a video on ‘how to get abs’, you might well struggle to get your video to a position where it will actually be seen and clicked on.

But on the other hand, a YouTube channel about crocheting cat patterns probably won’t get looked for very often and will quickly reach its peak, leaving you with nowhere else to go and a big cap on how much you can possibly earn.

So you need to choose the right topic and find that ‘sweet spot’.

How to Find Your Niche

So how do you find your niche? A good option is to start with the bigger niches and then to focus down and find yourself a smaller sub-niche within the niche.

So to start with, let’s look at what the very biggest niches are and what the most lucrative ones are.

In general internet marketing, the biggest niches are:

– Fitness – Dating – Self-Help – Making Money

This is because all of these subject matters are things that have a hugely broad appeal and will appeal to practically everyone. If you have the marketing budget, then you can reach the biggest potential audience this way.

At the same time though, these niches are huge because they have something else going for them ‘value proposition’. That is to say, that each of them has something very big and important to offer people – an emotional hook that makes people passionate about a channel.

So for example, fitness isn’t really just about getting into shape: it’s about being more confident, sexier, healthier and happier thanks to your training and your diet. People hope that by watching these channels, they can turn their lives around.

The same goes for money and dating. These offer complete lifestyle changes – they let people find love or get more sex, they allow them to travel around the world and to wear nice watches. They have a real emotional hook and this means that the products sold in advertising can charge a lot more. People are much more willing to pay for a book that will make them a billion dollars than they are to pay for a book that can teach them how to sew!

But YouTube is a weird place. And when you take a look around YouTube you’ll find that these regular rules only partly hold true. But there’s also actually a lot of other highly successful content here that is just… plain inane to be quite frank!

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