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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Basics on Success
Chapter 2
Why People Fail At Success In Today’s World
Chapter 3
What Is True Success
Chapter 4
What Is The Empowered Success Mindset
Chapter 5
Traditional Success Ideas vs. New Age Ideas
Chapter 6
What Does Empowerment For Success Mean To You (How to Set Goals)
Chapter 7
Why Adopt The Empowerment Mindset For Success
Chapter 8
Tips For Becoming Empowered For Success
Chapter 9
The Good And Bad About The Empowerment Mindset For Success
Chapter 10

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Chapter 3: What Is True Success


What does success mean to people? To most people, success can mean different things. But can anyone really find the real meaning of true success that will apply to all the people? Success is about discovering and implementing the ‘Will of God’ in your life, as well as your Divine purpose, the reason why a person has been created.

Each individual has a destiny to be fulfilled. All people actually have been sent on earth for a reason, a purpose. Regardless of how people got here, God already knew that they’re coming and God has fashioned a purpose and plan for their lives.

What Does The Bible Teaches People About True Success?

Attracting success is all about the application of the spiritual principles, which if activated by their decisions will produce excellent effect. These essential spiritual principles are all given by the Almighty God and were written in God’s word, which is the Bible. And these principles are always available to those people who would want to learn about them.

It is actually the Will of the Lord that people prosper, be in good health, and to enjoy and live a life in true success. A good life in true success is life without disease, sickness, misery, poverty, hopelessness, and misery. In fact, if a person has no hopes beyond life then regardless of how much money a person possesses, living a life with the fullness of a God life is impossible. If people have hopes in just the world alone, they will find themselves utterly terrified, suffering, and miserable.

These facts are not to scare people. It’s to empower them and teach them that if they truly want to live their life in true success, they must put all things in appropriate and proper perspectives, in accordance with the Scriptures, the Bible, and also realize that their lives is truly about balance.

Success certainly belongs to everyone. But success can’t be considered as true success if prosperity is attained only in the areas of riches. But this shouldn’t be misunderstood, a person should really prosper in almost every way, and this include financially. But life is more than that; it’s more than success itself but rather True Success.

It’s definitely all about the absolute Bible Prosperity and Success and its way more than money, even though prosperity includes money. It’s way more than that. People are soul, body, and spirit. People are actually tri part creation of the Truine God, God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. And If God speaks about prosperity in the Bible, His Word, all these areas should be included and if not, people are lacking with True Success.

What good would it be for people to have wealth, but don’t have the ability of really enjoying it because of other reasons like disease or sickness? What good would it be for people to be successful in life, only to learn that they don’t actually have a real relationship with the Almighty God the Creator.

God’s purpose for your life is the main thing that can truly fulfill you, and bring your heart with true success and satisfaction. Aside from your Divine purpose, you will never going to be truly happy and successful from deep within.

Chapter 4: What Is The Empowered Success Mindset


An empowered positive mindset can move you to a much higher position of success and achievement. The ideal behind this is that if people believe they can, they are right.

And if they believe that they actually can’t, they are also right. This is a simple summation of an essential complex concept.

One way to simplify the concept of utilizing or using positive mindset in order to create true success is a common phrase, ‘Garbage in, Garbage out’. What it means is that if people will fill their minds with ‘just anything, then more probably ‘just anything’ will be the result.

The Mindset

In order to strengthen and enhance your resolve as well as your capacity of creating success in life, all your thoughts and perspectives must be genuinely and authentically yours. What you actually tell yourself regarding your success will ultimately create your mindset as well as the thoughts you entertain concerning about your success.

The loudest voice that you will be able to hear inside your head and the voice that you are going to believe is your voice. This will then give you absolute control in your life, in any circumstances.

If you will only believe that you are in full control of your life and in any circumstances, this will lead you to the right path towards success. Then, it is the right time that you weed out those negative thoughts and perspective in your mind. If you will think positive thoughts and get rid of those negative thoughts, there is no way of failing. It is definitely all about empowered success mindset.

The Power Of An Empowered Mindset

Positive mindset and thoughts are among the most extremely powerful things people can grant themselves. The type of mindset the people instill their mind has a lot to do with their success. What’s empowers them to reach for success is definitely the power of an empowered success mindset.

Encourage Yourself With ‘Can Do’ Attitude

By believing that you can do something, you actually can! But if you believe that you can’t, you are right. Every person has a capability to accomplish anything, but they need to believe that they truly can. Whether it’s professional or personal, your beliefs and attitude can give you strength you need to succeed and to keep yourself from succeeding.

Instill More Energy

Whether you actually refer to a mindset as positive attitude, strong faith, deep belief, your own energy level can be boosted with your enthusiasm. With a high level of energy, you will be able to accomplish more and still preserve your stamina beneficial in going even further.

Instill Greater Resolve

If you have a positive mindset or outlook in life, you will be able to overlook setbacks or obstacles and consider all of them as minor or temporary inconveniences. People’s expectations are planned to succeed and they expect no less so their willingness and eagerness to go on will come automatically with just little doubt and stress. This in turn tremendously increases their chance for success in life.

The power of empowered success mindset can be the greatest power people possess. Whether in your private, academic, professional, or personal life, your search for success will always start with a great and positive mindset and outlook.

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