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Table Of Contents

Introduction 4
Chapter 1 5
Traffic Generating Techniques 5
Website Traffic and Sales 6
The Two Strategies of Traffic Generation 6
Understanding Search Engine Optimization 7
Indexing your Site into Search Engines Quickly 8
Optimizing Your Site for Free Traffic 9
Chapter 2 11
Article Marketing to Gain Traffic 11
Search Engines Like Fresh Content 11
Blogs 12
Article Directories 13
Article Writing Tips 13
Submitting Articles to Directories 14
Suffering from a Lack of Time or Writing Ability? 15
Chapter 3 16
Paid Traffic Generation Techniques 16
Start Your Own Affiliate Program 16
Pay-Per- Click Programs18
Press Releases 19
Buying Ad Space20
Chapter 4 22
Traffic Generation Techniques to Avoid & Tips to Succeed 22
Targeted Traffic Campaigns 22
Classified Ads 22
Getting Non-Stop Traffic22
Viral Promotion 23
Link Exchanges 23
Tell-A-Friend Script 24

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In 1989, Hollywood produced a fantastic movie starring Kevin Costner. The movie was Field of Dreams and the most famous line to come out of the movie was, “If you build it, they will come.” Although this worked in the movie when Kevin Costner plowed down his corn field and built a baseball diamond for dead and famous baseball stars, this isn’t going to work when it comes to driving people to your website or any other business for that matter.

The “If you build it, they will come” theory has been around in business for quite some time and the movie only made it a little more popular. Unfortunately, this theory doesn’t work very well in e-commerce and following it can ultimately be the end of a website business that could have grown to a large and profitable size. Also, by following this theory you are not giving your business, or yourself, a chance at becoming profitable.

When you begin an online business you must realize that there are millions of people on the Internet. There are also millions of websites and new websites being launched every day. In order to become profitable, you have to market and advertise. You can’t just sit back and wait on the visitors to begin showing up and there are many reasons for this.

First of all, if you build a website and don’t tell anybody about it, then you are only going to be getting visitors who accidentally stumble upon your site. The length of time that they spend on your site is going to be minimal and will most likely not result in any sales. Secondly, you won’t be attracting any search engines by launching a site and then standing by and hoping for someone to find you on page 100 of Google’s page ranks. So, you might be asking yourself, “How do I get recognized out of the millions of websites on the Internet?” The answer to this question can be found throughout the pages of this eBook as we explore the numerous ways that you can drive traffic to your website and ditch the “If I build it, they will come” approach.

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