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Where the Idea Stems from

With a plethora of information on “get rich quick” ideas and “self-help” aids, it is easy to wonder who we should listen to and who to ignore. Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” fame and a founding member of the Elevation Group is one of those people who when they speak on a subject are worth listening too. Why do I say that? He has sat where so many of us are currently sitting. In the current economic climate, with so many questions about whether or not any business or investment decisions we make will actually make or lose us money, he has already trod the path of indecision. He, like most of us, has sat facing unpaid bills and the pressures of an income cannot sufficiently cover household and family expenses and has learned how to turn things around. He has learned how to use the economy to make his wealth.

His approach is not a simple get rich quick scheme, but a planned and focused approach to using the tools already in our hands to create a future that many can only dream, Education is the key to open this door of opportunity. Reflecting on the past, learning about trends and using them to gain valuable insights into the present and future is the approach Robert advocates. As we do this in business and in our personal lives, we can turn around our financial affairs and reap the same rewards he has achieved in this process.

Many of Roberts’s books have achieved bestseller status. He is a highly regarded in the business world and as an author who has helped countless ordinary people achieve their dreams of a better future. His websites and blogs detail the life choices that confronted him, to either stick with the status quo or see gaining wealth as something negative or to seize the opportunity and use the current economic climate to find a better way of dealing with the resources and assets at his disposal. Robert chose this path and the result is “Richer Dad,” an innovative approach to helping people make choices and decisions. Robert uses the education approach to help people take charge of the financial planning of their lives and businesses. His online websites and EBooks provide free resources to help guide readers to make personal choices that will benefit them as they seek to decide how to invest money safely.

This is a guide for those who are in business and who are seeking to use online marketing as a tool for their business success. The book describes the importance of creating a niche-marketing environment. It explores the common problems people make in online marketing and will assist you to identify your personal business niche. You will learn how to achieve an effective marketing strategy for your unique niche and how to use the proven Richer Dad principles to achieve dominance in a highly competitive market place.

Kiyosaki’s Financial Precepts and Effective Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, is a popular name all over the world. He is an American, a fourth-general Japanese American, to be precise. He has written several books, all in the financial niche, all of them designed to be motivational and self-help books, intended to take people towards the path of progress in their business. He is known for his keen financial insight. Most of his advice stems from his own precepts. He tells people of the many ways in which they can achieve financial liberation while managing their own enterprise.

Kiyosaki does not differentiate between the different ways in which one might carry on their moneymaking tactics. He does not tell you to become a businessperson or an investor or a marketer. Instead, he tells you what you must do in order to attract wealth doing whatever you are doing. That is what makes him a special author.

He has special views about the concept of marketing though. Though Kiyosaki has not spoken about marketing directly in any of his works, but his perceptions are all clear. He says that if you intend to have a great rapport with your clients, if you want to grow your business, then the one way in which you can do that is by increasing your network. When your network is expanded, you can tap into it to make the most of your business.

This does require some effort though, and that is the reason why everyone is not into it. It takes special expertise as well. That is what separates the successful people from the not-so-successful ones. Proper networking is needed to reach out to a niche, which is where the real business prospects lie. The Rich Marketer Poor

Marketer Concept

Kiyosaki’s model is universally applicable. Our intention here is not to refute or criticize this model, but to see how well it applies to the world of marketing as it stands today. Marketing is an entirely different ballgame—you may feel that it is so different from the individualistic approach that has been used in the inspirational book—but if you scratch the surface, then you begin to see the similarities. In this eBook, our focus is going to be on a few important points

1. We are going to see what it is that makes marketers rich today. Yes, we must admit that we have a special fondness for Internet marketing, which is the way the whole world is going right now. The best way to become rich at present is by being an Internet based marketer, because that is what people can really use, at an individual and at an organizational level, to take them to higher realms of their potential.

2. Secondly, we are going to see that there are so many different things that these rich marketers do not wish to tell their poorer counterparts, which in this case, are the people who have just started out and have still to carve a name for themselves in the Internet marketing world. It takes time; nothing is achieved without an effort, and there are many secrets that are keeping the goodies from them. In short, what are the different things that are making the rich marketers rich and are depriving the poor ones of the resources that these rich marketers have access to?

3. The third aspect of this eBook is the possibility. Even if you are counted as a poor marketer at present, there is no reason why you should not climb the ladder and go higher. You have the access to the same things that the rich marketers have, only maybe you are lacking in the knowledge and information about it… so here is your source to make the most of those things.

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