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Table of Contents

1. CPA Beginnings
2. Offers
3. Generating Cash
4. Networks
5. Systematizing

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The Single Most Important Question

Expect to be questioned on how you intend to promote or drive traffic to the affiliate offers, if you are signing up to be a publisher. This is the single most important question and your answer will greatly impact whether your application is accepted or not. If you don’t have a clear idea, it will only prove to the affiliate manager that you are not a valuable affiliate partner to include in their network. Make sure you have a good answer for this question.

Many people have made an immediate favorable impression by suggesting they are doing PPC to CPA offers. There are some more stringent rules for people who are using Google Adwords campaigns to publish affiliate advertising links, but it’s still doable. There are two URLs you can add in an Adwords campaign; one is a destination URL and the other is the display URL. The display URL now has to match the destination of the site. In other words, you can’t mask the offer showing one URL to the customer that takes them to a different destination than what they were expecting. Along with that, there are restrictions on the landing page destination URL; it must have the same domain name as the display URL. This can be tough to do if your affiliate CPA offer doesn’t want you to allow the publication of their top level domain in the offer. Many of the advertisers are aware now that they do have to create landing pages on their sites to overcome this new policy, and this will probably come back to benefit both publishers and advertisers. Thus, you can still use PPC-to- CPA methods, but you will need to be careful which offers you try this with and keep to the policies instituted by Google.

If you are unsure about how you are going to attract traffic to offers, check out Chapter 3 for some real world examples. You don’t have to be a genius at Adwords campaigns or even know much about Internet marketing to make this work. Don’t be intimidated by this question, just have an answer prepared that proves you know what you’re doing.

No Website? That’s Okay!

Even if you have no website, you can still get accepted into a CPA network. You might think that sounds ridiculous, but as long as you can prove that you have the means to attract traffic to a CPA offer, that’s really all they care about. There are people out there making money with CPA offers who don’t use their own websites to promote the offer or even have a single landing page of their own. They use the advertisers’ landing pages and they just scoop traffic up from one area of the Internet and take it to another. It’s really that simple.

In Chapter 3, we’re going to discuss four different ways to set up CPA offers and attract traffic from popular sites to your own offers. Some will not require you to produce a landing page and others will, depending on the policies of the portals that you visit. If you have a popular YouTube Channel, for instance, and you have thousands of subscribers, you can make a case for having a way to market those people with CPA offers. That’s even though you really don’t have a website of your own, it all belongs to YouTube.

What If I Get Rejected?

Even if you don’t get a call the same day you submit your application, don’t assume you’ve been rejected. It can take up to three days (or more) for an affiliate manager of the CPA network to contact you by phone, especially if you submitted your application over a weekend or during a holiday. They typically
do try to make contact within the first 24 hours, but this is not always possible. If you haven’t heard anything after three days it’s possible your application has been rejected, so you need to be proactive to see what types of problems might have been spotted on your application and work to overcome those objections.

First, you will need to know what affiliate manager has been assigned to you; look for their name in the email notice you receive when you first apply online. Once you know whom to contact, you can email them based on the email addresses on your CPA network website or use AOL messenger if you have that available. There is an online list that has most affiliate administrators ‘names. It’s a great list to keep nearby as you’re awaiting approval because it also shows you when they are online. They are interested in getting people who can provide value to their advertisers on board, so don’t hesitate to make contact and ask the status of your application.

If they say it is denied, find out why. In many cases, they may accept additional proof or documentation to reverse their decision and grant you approval to join them. Even if you get turned down, use it as a learning experience. There are literally hundreds of CPA networks out there, and one of them is bound to say “yes.” Just put your best foot forward and be available to answer any questions they might have about your application.


There are numerous factors that make a CPA offer the right one for you. You are bound to see great offers that many other people are clamoring to publish, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they will work for you. One of the biggest issues is that the audience you are marketing to can be significantly different than anyone else’s audience; if this is the case then the offer needs to be appropriate for you own special niche if you are going to market it successfully. In other words, don’t follow the crowd; instead, analyze your own position on the Internet and seek to exploit the traffic that’s at your fingertips.

Demographics And Niches

Whether you are article marketing or answering questions on a forum, you have special knowledge that attracts people to your postings. This is your niche. Your niche will likely attract people of a particular demographic to your posts, so the more you know about these folks the more highly targeted you can make your CPA offers. After all, someone who is elderly is not going to be interested in the latest electronic video games, so match the needs and interests of the demographic to the offers you choose to make.

You can set up different websites for different niches, or try to build audiences for specific niches by focusing on one topic over another in a forum. Just be clear about each site’s demographic so you can have a better idea of which niches might be successful there and which are likely to fall flat.

If you have just started and don’t have a group following you already, you can just opt to focus on very hot niches until a demographic naturally clusters around it. Right now, hot niches include foreclosure prevention, debt consolidation or elimination, Internet marketing, and frugal topics. Use the Google Keyword Tool to research popular keywords and potential new niches.

Hunting Down Those Great Offers

To find great offers that will provoke people to take the action required by the merchant so you can receive payment into your account, place yourself in the visitor’s shoes. What are they looking for? What problems are they having trouble solving? What will they be willing to do or not do? Compare that to the average earnings-per-click that is published for the offer to see if it is worth your time and energy market the offer.

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